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Simple Money Management Tips

No matter how impressive your math skills are, things can become a little different when it comes to budgeting. It is hard to manage your expenses when it is higher than what you have earned. You can avoid getting into a stressful situation like this if you learn how to have good financial skills.

Have you ever been stuck up in a very difficult “purchasing” situation? Well, we know that you have made the right decision and didn’t proceed to your purchase – or it is another way around? That’s not a very cool decision-making skill you have there. It doesn’t mean that you have earned that money you can already purchase anything that you want. Remember, you still have bills and other expenses that you need to pay. Things can get complicated if you will not be managing your money well.

Let’s say that you are earning more for yourself, but if you still need to reach that “make-ends-meet” goal, well, you are still struggling, financially. Don’t let this financial crisis to be a continuous cycle in your life. Be an expert when it comes to budgeting what you have earned. Help yourself to learn more with the following money management tips below:

Create and stick to your budget

If you already have created one for yourself, that’s great but if not, better create one for yourself. It might be difficult to stick to this plan that you have created but trust us; it will be worth it. It allows us to have a clear view of our present financial situation and will help us realize the importance of managing our money the best way. You may have been bad when it comes to managing your money, but it is no longer an excuse when you learn how to budget, effectively.

Budgeting will not just help you to pay off debt but will also help you save more for your future expenses. It can be about getting a car, a mortgage, or even for your retirement plan.  If you don’t do this now, well, don’t regret this chance by the near future. To help yourself budget, visit

Have a better understanding of your income – and expenses, too!

Have you ever tried asking someone about how much they make a month? How much does he spend per month? Well, the chances are that they won’t tell it to you, but internally, your question had made them pause and think about it. Many people know how much they are making per month but fails to recognize the expenses that they are making every month.

You might want to track all of your expenses from the last month. This includes those that you have spent in cash and using your credit card. You might also need to record those that you have in receipts as well as your bank statement. You can less these total expenses from your total income. If the answer is a negative number, you might want to limit what you are spending. If it is a positive number, well, not bad, you get to increase your savings or your debt payment as well.

Save up for greater things

There is nothing wrong in buying yourself with the things that you want; however, is the smart way to spend? No. So you should consider things before making big purchases. Other ask yourself whether that purchase is necessary or if getting this will affect your monthly bill obligations, and others. It is better to have an advance view of things than to regret it later.

Never commit to something you can’t afford

It doesn’t mean that you have enough income and a fair credit score you can already apply for a loan. The same as the recurring monthly bills, this is also the usual problem that many fell into. You might be thinking that it is the fault of the bank for approving a loan that you can’t afford. Well, banks only know about your credit report and income; they don’t know the circumstances that might be holding you to make payments on time. Depending on the purpose, the decision is yours; but don’t proceed if you know you can’t afford to pay for it. The same principle applies for loans you take on through third party sources (such as payday loans or installment loans from companies like

Get away from unnecessary expenses

Starbucks coffee every day is lit, but what about its expenses? Have you got yourself a gym membership yet you’re too lazy to go there? Well, it is something that you crave for every day, or it is part of your health goals, if not in use, how about just discontinue it? Remember that the best way to manage your money is by taking into account everything, even from the single penny that you have spent. Removing them from your monthly expenses is the best decision towards better money management.

Save More and Make it a Habit

Making a monthly deposit on your savings account is one way of building your financial habits. You can also do some automation to avoid forgetting it. You can set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account.  See? It will be a fast and stress-free way to transfer.

Pay only the ones with great price

Before you pay for that product, make sure you have made a price comparison from other stores.  Go for that store that offers great discounts and coupons. As much as possible, go for a cheaper alternative. With this, you are slowly helping yourself to make the right and savings-worthy purchases. 

Be patient

To be good in managing your money takes lots of practice. Besides, you can’t change your not-so-good financial habits overnight. Give yourself more time to learn effective money management.  With this, you need to be stricter when it comes to using the budget plan that you have made. Avoid getting big purchases until you can afford one.

Earning that good financial skill may take time, so don’t get discouraged. You have spent much of your time and effort working to earn well. Don’t put those efforts into waste by being mindful of what you spend. Budget and save your money now and thank yourself later, that’s for sure.

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