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Are We Sick of the Ugly Sweater Yet?

America seems to have a love-hate relationship with the ugly Christmas sweater… wouldn’t you agree? What was once a genuinely loved trend has morphed over the years into somewhat of a joke, though some still cling on to the hope they’ll make a serious comeback. The evolution of the ugly sweater is a long one, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s done quite yet.


Thanks, 1980’s, for Birthing the Trend

As far as we’re concerned, the birth of the ugly sweater dates back to the 80s, when Bill Cosby from The Cosby Show and Joey from Full House wore them proudly, starting a major domino effect. Anyone born before the 80’s can recall flipping through photo albums and almost losing their lunch upon seeing their own upper body’s donning some of the ugliest, heaviest, most colorful, abstract garb known to mankind. It’s true .¨ back then? Wearing those sweaters meant you were on top of the trends. Today? Well… it’s all one big joke.



Even he doesn’t look happy about it.

Christmas in the 90’s

Mom’s of the 90s, you are guilty of dragging the Cosby sweater into the 90s, but mostly only around holiday season. If you had kids in the late 80s, there’s a 100 percent chance you can look back through your old holiday photo albums and see yourself in a bulky sweater with Rudolph on it, and your kids in sweaters with tiny white balls of fabric attached (snowballs, of course). This terrible trend haunted kids for years, until they finally grew up and learned that getting even was much better than getting angry.




The Ugly Sweater Trend

Enter: the age of the ugly Christmas sweater. The suspicion is that some kid finally grew up, started a clothing line, and decided to make fun of everything he wore in his childhood, knowing that it might hit home with his peers; and it did. Ugly Christmas sweaters are extremely tacky versions of what was a serious (still tacky) holiday
trend in the 90s.

Think: giant red sweaters with 3D reindeer coming out of them. This brilliant satirical creation spurred a flurry of activity, mostly for Millenials. In fact, it’s entirely likely that every Millenial has been invited to or attended an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party at least once in their lives. Entrepreneurs have made millions on this trend that exists solely to make fun of the days of old.


Sports, Too?

That’s right, everyone has jumped on the ugly sweater bandwagon. Because why not? NHL fans wear them, sci-fi fans wear them .¨ they are the best way to scream, “I love ‘X'” while staying warm on a cool day. They’re funny, they’re effective, and they’re oh-so-terrible all at the same time.

There you have an evolution of one of the best and worst clothing trends of the century. It’s truly been a domino effect with major trends leading to satirical marketing, and it’s anyone’s guess as to where the ugly sweater will take us next.




Oh Gawd NO … et tu?!





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