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Should You Be Purifying Your Air?

We all know about the harmful effects of outdoor environmental pollutants. But many of us aren’t aware of the factors that can compromise the quality of indoor air. We spend a majority of our time indoors, so it is essential to understand how to purify the air in our homes and offices. Here are a few natural ways to improve the quality of indoor air.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pink salt from the Himalayas is believed to be a natural air purifier that draws toxins in from the environment and neutralizes them. Salt lamps are a source of negative ions and have hygroscopic properties. This gives them the unique ability to absorb pollutants from the air and improve its quality. They may even help neutralize the effects of electronics. Place a Himalayan salt lamp in any room in your home or office for a soothing warm glow.

Beeswax Candles

Pure beeswax candles burn with almost no smoke and don’t contain petroleum, unlike regular paraffin candles. They release negative ions into the air and purify it. By eliminating allergens like dander and dust, beeswax candles are useful for people suffering from allergies or asthma. These do cost more than regular candles but burn at a slower pace, and last much longer. Look for candles with 100% cotton wicks and avoid any with a wire center and these may contain lead.


You probably learned at a very young age that plants purify the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing clean oxygen. The results of a study by NASA showed that some plants might even help eliminate significant amounts of pollutants like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. Golden Pothos, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Dragon Tree, Spider Plant, Lady Palm and Dracaena are some of the best plants for air purification. It’s a good idea to have a houseplant or two in every room of your home for pure, clean air.

Final Thoughts

The quality of the air you breathe is going from bad to worse. Fortunately, there are some simple, effective measures you can take to bring down the toxicity of indoor air. To purify the air around you, follow the tips mentioned above or purchase air purifying products. It’s also a good idea to avoid smoking indoors, clean your house thoroughly, change your bedding often and check your HVAC system regularly. The cleaner the air you breathe is, the healthier and more energetic you’ll feel.


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