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Should You Always Be Only Wearing Heels on a Date?

Should you always wear high heels on a date?

It has been said that high heels make a woman’s figure more attractive. Why? They make your legs look longer, you look slimmer, and your butt looks rounder. However, a dating expert recently took a lot of heat for saying that women should only go on a date in heels.

Nadia Essex believes that when it comes to dating, women should only wear heels to appear more attractive. In fact, she said that heels are “the only acceptable form of footwear”.
And as expected, this caused a social media frenzy as many believed her opinion was straight out of the 1950s. She was criticized for her old-fashioned views when she said you must wear high heels if you are under supermodel height.

Nadia said, “Be positive, today you could meet your soulmate. Unless you’re 5’10’ or over, you must wear heels on a date. It’s the only acceptable form of footwear.
Make sure they’re comfortable, broken in, and you can walk in them. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman that can’t walk in her heels.(You will make) more effort to be present and in the moment as you concentrate on your steps. All positive. All attractive traits.
The better you feel, the better you will date.”

But these comments caused backlash among many.
One commenter said, “‘Good lord are you still in the 1950s love?!” While another said, “Rubbish. Wear what’s comfortable and what you feel good in! Gone are the days of women teetering in heels just to impress a guy.”
Another commenter agreed by saying, “Prescribing one footwear for success in love is ridiculous.”

What do YOU think? It is necessary today for women to wear a pair of high heels to impress a man on a date? Or is this belief archaic?

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