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There is no way I can possibly know someone else’s truth – I can only be responsible for knowing my truth – and when I know and understand My truth, I can share it freely – By doing so I’m open to connect with the divine truth in others. We are all connected in truth – If I set my intention on seeking the truth, the connection will always follow.

There’s an old saying “The truth will set you free”, I never thought much about this saying until recently, but this couldn’t be any clearer and more true. Truth is everything. At the core it’s who and what we are.truth.


Everyone’s truth is different but it’s in our truth that we are connected, isn’t that the most beautiful thing ever? We are all part of the same gorgeous family. We are all children of the same God, we may have different names for it but most definitely we were all created by the same divine energy.that is truly magnificent.


I believe if we would commit to a practice of seeking truth within ourselves it would throw open a magical door inviting all truth seekers to connect in a divine truth that holds so much power it could actually heal the world.


Love comes from truth. Compassion comes from truth.


If you follow me or personally know me, then you know I’m somewhat of a Jesus Freak, but not the normal every day Jesus Freak.


When I speak about Jesus – I’m not speaking about religion or even politics .¨ no, when I speak about Jesus .¨ I’m speaking about LOVE – I’m speaking about an amazing teacher and spirit that walked the earth as a man .¨ spreading a universal message of acceptance, forgiveness, and most importantly .¨ L O V E. When I speak about Jesus – I’m speaking about a force of peace that is within us all. I’m speaking about Truth.


“Sit quietly in My presence. Communicate with Me. Invite Me to fill you up to the full with My limitless love. Ponder how wide and long and high and deep is this vast ocean of blessings I have for you My beloved. I am truth, I am light, I am love.”-Jesus


The most important thing we can do in our quest for self-truth is to face the darkness – To face and fight our demons from the past is the only way to move forward in complete truth and love. There can be no darkness once we shine the light of truth upon it. Face your fears – fight the darkness and you will overcome and be triumphant.


“I am Truth – unchanging, transcendent Truth! Because I am Truth, there are treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Me. I am Life, the closer you are to Me, the more alive you will feel. Many people struggle with their identity, wondering who they really are and what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. But I tell you – the more fully you know Me – the Truth – the better you can understand yourself and the meaning of your life. I am Truth and I adore you with all My heart.” .¨

It’s in your personal truth that a light shines so bright .¨ in your truth you will never be afraid to stand in the darkness .¨ for darkness is only an illusion .¨ when you are filled with truth, you are overflowing with light .¨ your light has the power to dispel all darkness. Find your truth and let your light shine to the world .¨ for the world.







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