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Shape Up Your Summer Brows with Cherry Blooms Brow Kit

Get perfect brows every time with the Cherry Blooms Brow Kit!

Summer is here and the heat it on! With record-breaking temperatures across this country this year, you definitely want to keep your makeup routine to a minimum! After all, there is no use in everything simply melting off of your face! But you still want to look amazing and having a bold brow is essential. A strong brow will highlight your eyes and it can dramatically change your overall look.

cherry blooms before and after

With Cherry Blooms Fiber Brows you’ll achieve super professional looking brows in as little as 10 seconds! That’s right, not only do they look perfect each and every time, they are also sweat and waterproof! And don’t worry, it won’t fade or absorb into your skin.

They will also transition easily from daytime to night as you won’t need to touch them up. And if you stress out over trying to shape your brows by yourself, relax! You don’t have to worry anymore about one being higher or lower than the other. Or maybe one of your eyebrows is naturally a bit thicker than the other? You simply use the stencil rather than get stressed out over it to achieve even and perfectly shaped brows!

There are four different shades to choose from: capuccino brown for medium to dark brown hair, mocha for blonde to light brown hair, latte for platinum blonde and espresso for black to gray hair! And you can choose between three different stencil shapes: thin, thick or natural.


So, this season, get your brows into shape with these instant 3D brows that also just happen to be 100% cruelty-free!

To experience the luxury of Cherry Blooms and to order your own fiber brow kit with stencils, visit their official site.



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