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Meet the Newest Cast Member of VH1’s Hollywood Exes Shanna Moakler

Actress, beauty queen, entrepreneur. You name it, Shanna Moakler has done it. You may recognize her from her first reality show, Meet the Barkers, with her ex-husband on MTV, or maybe from the third season of Dancing with the Stars. But now, you can see her on the third season of VH1's Hollywood Exes. This fall, she will also be releasing more products from her makeup line as well as a new clothing line. But despite her busy schedule, she took the time to talk to Viva Glam about her upcoming projects.


You’ve been on a handful of reality shows ranging from Meet the Barkers to Dancing with the Stars to now Hollywood Exes. What keeps you interested in the world of reality TV?Even though all the shows mentioned are all in the realm of reality TV, they are all very different. Meet The Barkers was ground-breaking and was focused on my relationship with my husband. They basically had two crews that just followed us everywhere. What [they filmed] is what you got. Dancing With The Stars was a competitive dance program that really had a format in which I had zero control.
With Hollywood Exes, it’s very much an ensemble cast, so I don’t have to carry the whole show. I have always enjoyed reality television even though my heart is in scripted because it’s fun to get a glimpse into people’s lives and to see how people react under different circumstances.

Hollywood Exes is about to start its third season. What can we expect to see this season?

I think you will see a lot of strong, intelligent women who are in different phases of their lives [having] a lot of fun and, of course, I shake things up a bit. I think this show is great because the cast of women all have this very unique factor of having lived in a very public relationship as well as have dealt with the pressures of break-ups in the public eye. That forms a sisterhood because we can relate to each other.

As you’ve been on both sides of the game, hosting and be a cast member, do you have a preference?

Ha! I love hosting.
I much prefer hosting, but I think there is something inspiring [about] sharing your life experiences and helping other people who may relate to a challenge you have had in life, but both mediums are fun!

You launched a makeup line, Smoak, in 2010, and a new website and products are coming this fall. What should we expect to see in the new collection and what do you love about having your own makeup line?

I have had a love of cosmetics since I was a child.
This new line will be focusing on lip glosses and bronzers with some key pieces that I feel are necessities for women.
I wanted to give women some essentials that [they can use to create a look in] under five minutes, still feel put-together and confident, and be able to take anywhere with them.
So many women are overwhelmed by cosmetics and working moms are always pressed for time.

You are also launching your own clothing line, Fauxy Fauxture, this fall. What made you want to create your own line, especially one with a focus on faux fur clothing?

Mayte Garcia and I are working on Fauxy Fauxture for our love of animals and our stance on fur in fashion.
We are hoping to show women that they can still have an upscale look without the cruel treatment of animals. I am also starting a new businesswear line called House of Smoak which stemmed from my work in pageantry. The line is going to be sleek, easy day-to-night looks for young women to wear [to work].

Since the age of 13, you have worked with the Special Olympics. What made you want to participate at such a young age and still to this day?

I was a competitive roller skater and I am a American Gold Medalist in American Dance. I started working with the Special Olympics as a volunteer and then as a coach teaching the athletes how to roller skate! You have kids whose parents were told their kids would never walk, never run, never be “normal”, and here they are skating and winning medals! It’s, how we say in Rhode Island, wicked awesome!

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