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Sextech Blurs the Lines Between What is Actually Real, and What Just Feels Real

Sex is no longer considered a taboo subject. The conversation surrounding it is much more open and much healthier than it once was. People are finally able to express themselves and release their inhibitions without fear of judgment. Sextech is one popular way that people are choosing to release their inhibitions.

Sex technology, or sextech, is a technology designed to enhance individual sexuality. Sextech is considered a healthy alternative to physical intimacy, and, in many ways, blurs the lines between what’s actually real, and what just feels real.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about sextech, so that you can decide whether it’s something that you want to try:

Exploring Your Sexuality

One of the main benefits of sextech is that it allows you to explore your sexuality in a private, safe, and controlled environment. Exploring your sexuality is pivotal to a healthy sex life. You can’t commit to a long-term relationship until you understand who you are sexually, and the transformative power of sextech can help you to understand that.

Another of sextech’s benefits is that it allows you to experiment with your sexuality, without committing yourself to anything. Sexual partners come with expectations, boundaries, and limits. Sextech doesn’t. Some people enjoy combining sex dolls and VR, while others enjoy wearable devices. Its applications and benefits are endless. Sextech includes robots, sex toys, virtual reality, and much more. Here’re some of the different types of sextech:

Smart Toys

Smart sex toys are sex toys equipped with internet connectivity, Bluetooth, and video and messaging applications.

During the pandemic, smart toys became very popular among people who were in long-distance relationships. With these toys, they were able to maintain their sexual connection without physically seeing each other. These toys allow people to connect their devices and set a mutual rhythm and intensity, which makes long-distance masturbation much more intimate.

Smart toys have blurred the lines between reality and what just feels real. Sexual partners are able to hear one another, see one another, and experience mutual orgasms. This technology has saved countless relationships from disaster.

Smart toys include devices like cock rings with cameras attached and voice-controlled vibrators. There are even smart sex toys designed to aid people with mobility issues.

Porn and Sextech

Porn is one of the best ways to explore your sexuality. It’s healthy, fun, and very accessible. Industry designers have managed to successfully incorporate porn into sextech. They’ve done this through VR porn.

VR porn allows you to fully immerse yourself in pornography. You can feel like you’re actually involved. You can be the lead character, or you can watch from a voyeuristic perspective. A lot of people enjoy using other toys and devices in combination with VR porn, such as sex dolls and vibrators.  

It can also be much more satisfying because you’re able to explore different types of porn and experiment in ways that you wouldn’t be able to in the real world. VR porn is also a very safe way to explore your sexuality. VR porn spreads no diseases and doesn’t lead to pregnancies. It’s also usually free and convenient. You can pick up your headset and start watching porn whenever you want to.

When you begin incorporating sex toys into your VR porn experiences, it can blur the lines of reality. When you’ve got a headset on, and you’re watching pornography while you’re using a sex toy, it can feel like you’re having a real sexual encounter with another person.  

VR porn is one of the most accessible and inexpensive areas of sextech. You can even visit VR porn websites on laptops and phones, and while the experience won’t be as immersive, you’ll still be able to view the scene from a variety of perspectives.

Sex Dolls and Robots

Sex robots are a great way to explore your sexuality and have very life-like sexual experiences, albeit with a robot. These robots give incredible experiences and can allow you to gain a better comprehension of sex. At this time, they’re very expensive, so they’re out of most peoples’ reach.

However, there are smaller alternatives, like Fleshlights. These devices are affordable, versatile, and easy to find. They don’t offer the same experience as a sex robot can, but they’re still a great way to enjoy yourself. Fleshlights are most often used in combination with VR porn, because of the very realistic experience that they provide.

Sextech is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. It’s predicted to be worth more than $122 billion by 2024 alone. It’s easy to see why considering everything that we’ve mentioned in this article.

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