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Set Visit: The Goldbergs

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Interview with Hayley Orrantia

Now that we’re in season three, how has Erica’s character changed or evolved?

Over the last few seasons, Erica’s character went from being the mean older sister who’s always getting irritated with her brothers, to being a more complex character. She has the whole backstory about her secretly being a nerd, and finally getting to reveal that through the 9th grade Erica scenes has been really fun. I think [the viewers] have seen that Erica has a deeper sensitive side than just being the mean older sister.

Erica’s character is also a singer. Instruments and music have also been added to Erica’s room to complement her character. How do you think being a singer has complemented Erica’s character?

It’s funny because my character was not supposed to be a singer originally. I asked production if they could add that because I enjoy singing. But I think it really does add another layer to Erica. There have been so many great storylines about her auditioning for different things or wanting to get into a music school. It just adds another layer to Erica. She gets to express herself through music,
which is fantastic.

You have such a talented cast around you. Is there anything in particular that you’ve learned from them?

This is my first acting [gig] really so I’ve had a lot to learn and this is the best place to do it, especially with people I look up to in acting and comedy, especially. Wendi [McLendon-Covey], the way she carries herself on set, she’s so professional but she’s also so funny and her improv skills really inspire me to think on my feet because it’s very hard for me to do sometimes. I think that for me is the biggest thing I’ve taken out of it.

Brianne Nemiroff with Hayley Orrantia

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