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Set Visit: The Goldbergs

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If you experienced the 80s firsthand, you know fashion was all about bombastic colors, big hair, and unflattering shapes.
There’s a reason why only a few 80s trends are still prevalent today. You might see leggings, neon colors, and off-the-shoulder tops still being styled on the runways and in streetwear, but styles like
parachute pants, perms, large high-top Reeboks, and gaudy sweaters are forever gone due to their unflattering nature.

But what do you do if you’re a costume designer and you have to dress your actors in 80s clothing? How do you make it modern and wearable? Keri Smith, the costume designer for
ABC’s The Goldbergs, had to address this issue head on when she was offered her dream job. By combining vintage clothing with vintage-inspired clothing and by tailoring some vintage shapes, she’s able to modernize the women’s wardrobe so their tiny feminine figures aren’t hidden on national TV.

The Goldbergs brings us a hilarious storyline based off of the creator, Adam Goldberg’s, real life. We follow the lives of Adam, his brother Barry, his sister Erica, his parents Beverly and Murray, and his grandfather a.k.a. “Pops”. The wardrobe for Beverly and Erica
is so fascinating to watch so we talked to Hayley Orrantia (Erica) and the costume designer Keri Smith about the original concept for the cast’s wardrobe, fashion and beauty in the 80s, and introducing Erica’s character to musical interests.

Costume Designer Keri Smith with Hayley Orrantia

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