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Set Visit: Bella and the Bulldogs

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A lot of Bella’s conflicts stem from being involved at school and being very social, creating an overbooked schedule. As a lot of teens struggle with too much homework and too many activities, just like yourself, what do you think Bella teaches your audience about life balance?

I think Bella teaches people in that she is always working really hard but she’s always very successful. I think she shows people that if you work hard and you are determined that success will come as well.

Has your personal style changed at all since getting to wear Bella’s clothing and walking red carpets?

Being in L.A. in general, I think my style has changed a lot. When I was younger, I wore pink sparkly everything. Being in L.A., I wear a lot more urban clothes and a lot of darker colors. Bella has changed my style [in the way] that now I wear heels. I had never worn heels before the show! Now you don’t catch me in flats ever! They make you feel tall, slim, and sexy!

How have you seen Bella’s style evolve in the first two seasons?

Bella’s style has changed so much! In the first season, she was so girly, always dressed up. She always wore skirts and heels. Coming more into season two, because she had now been on the football team for a full year and they wanted to make her more relatable, she’s a lot more sporty. She wears cool sneakers and workout outfits, which is really cool. I like to exercise a lot and Bella has now inspired my workout outfits.

How does your style differ from Bella’s?

I would say just a lot of the vibes of the outfit are different. Bella is very colorful and bright. My outfits are more grunge and urban. Bella has a very relatable fashion sense. I have a quirky fashion sense with a retro vibe.

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Bella posing in her personal corner of the locker room

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