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Self-Care Rituals to Help PMS

Most women feel a lot of discomforts a week before or during their menstruation, which can range from food cravings and mood swings to abdominal cramps. Basically, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs due to the fluctuation of hormones that take place during your menstrual cycle, specifically a few days before the bleeding begins. The good news is that your symptoms are manageable, especially if you apply these self-care rituals to help PMS. Through this, you can ease your discomfort and feel calmer during your time of the month.


A common problem when you have your period is menstrual cramps, resulting in pain. One way to relieve this usual discomfort is by applying heat, either through a heating pad or a warm bath. In fact, taking a warm bath will not only soothe your pain but get rid of your stress and tension, as well. To make your bath super relaxing, you can add a few drops of lavender oil or a bath bomb in your hot tub, play some calming music, and read your favorite book.


Most women with PMS feel a bit sad and grumpy, usually a week before their menstruation. Fortunately, there are various ways to improve your mood, such as eating a few bites of dark chocolate. Aside from that, one of the highly recommended self-care rituals to help PMS is aromatherapy. As you know, some essential oils, like lavender oil, can produce a calming effect, melting your stresses or tensions. Adding a few drops of essential oil to your warm bath is the best way to calm your mind and boost your mood. You can also use an oil diffuser to disperse the aroma in your room.

Aside from lavender oil, some highly recommended essential oils you can use are:

  • Bergamont
  • Sweet Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Clary Sage


The week prior to your menstruation is one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life, especially if you have PMS. One reason is due to hormone imbalance. The good news is that massage therapy can help ease your PMS symptoms. Remember, doing a self-massage can offer numerous perks, such as relaxation, pain relief, and better blood circulation. You can also ask your special someone to help massage areas you can’t reach. A better option is to get a “period massage” from your favorite spa. A certified massage therapist is can rub your whole body so you can get optimum results.


As you know, your diet can worsen some PMS symptoms. For example, if you’re prone to bloating, eating too much salty food can make you swell because salt retains the water in your body. Another example is caffeine. Drinking too much coffee can intensify your nervousness and irritability. Thus, one of the most essential self-care rituals to help PMS is to have a healthy diet. Knowing and avoiding your common food triggers will aid in managing your symptoms. For example, instead of drinking coffee, you can try drinking chamomile tea, which can help relax your nerves and ease your discomforts. A diet rich in calcium-rich and anti-inflammatory foods can also help manage your PMS symptoms.


The last in this list of self-care rituals to help PMS is getting sufficient amount of sleep. Keep in mind that a good night’s rest will not just provide you with energy for the next day. Sleep is also the time where your body repairs itself, which can help ease the muscle soreness related to your PMS. Furthermore, sleep also aids in boosting mood. So, as much as possible, you have to try to get about seven to eight hours of slumber even when it is not your time of the month.

Overall, taking care of yourself during your period will greatly help lessen your PMS symptoms. But, remember, you should apply self-care to your daily routine to improve your health and wellness.


PMS and How I Handle it

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