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Selena Gomez’s Nighttime Skincare Routine Features Some Unique Tips

I love lurking on celebrity TikTok accounts, there’s no need to deny that. It’s so interesting for me to see these classic Hollywood celebrities adopting modern social media norms. While most of them previously wanted to keep their lives as private as possible, we now have the opportunity to get a glimpse into their everyday routines. From what they eat in a day, how they work out, to how they do their own makeup and skincare. The latest TikTok video that absolutely shocked me was Selena Gomez’s nighttime skincare routine with a hefty $600 price tag.

Her routine

As I have already mentioned, to recreate Selena’s unusual nighttime skincare routine shown in her latest TikTok video, you would have to spend more than $600. But, to be fair, the singer and ‘Rare Beauty’ owner openly said that most of the products that she used were sent to her by the companies.

She captioned the video: “PSA I got most of these products free. I ain’t just rolling like that everywhere. Use any serum to take off make up before washing. It breaks it up nicely. Also use a sponge to wipe eyes to treat eyes delicately when removing make up. K I’m done pretending I know what I’m talking about.”

As you can already read in the caption, Selena definitely opted for an unusual way to take off her makeup. We love a good double cleanse, but instead of a regular oil cleanser, Sel decided to break off her makeup with the help of a face serum. And not just any serum, but La Mer’s The Concentrate serum, which costs more than $400.

Yes, you’ve read that right. She used one of the most renowned and expensive skincare products in the world to remove her makeup. I was so confused at first because I didn’t understand where she was going with it. However, I was also so relieved when I read that she received the product for free. It also explained why so many celebrities use La Mer products in their ‘Vogue Beauty Secrets’ videos. But I would definitely rather stick to a regular, and less expensive, oil cleanser. 

Another unusual choice 

But the serum-as-makeup-remover moment wasn’t the only unusual thing in her TikTok video. Another detail that captured my attention was the fact that Selena removed her eye makeup with the help of some micellar water and a beauty blender. While this sounds so weird, it’s also borderline genius.

Cotton pads are bad for the environment, and I’ve never really found reusable cotton pads that I liked. They can be pretty rough on the delicate eye area, and they don’t do an amazing job of removing mascara and eyeliner. While I still haven’t tried removing my makeup with a beauty blender soaked in micellar water, I definitely see that it could be a more gentle and more effective solution.

TikTok users were equally as intrigued by her routine. One person commented: “It’s the beauty blender part that had me SHOOK.” While another user said: “The la mer makeup remover feels illegal.”

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