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Selecting house plants: what you need to know

While getting houseplants for your desk or any corner of your home may be the new trend, selecting the best plants for your indoors might be a little confusing and overwhelming. The possibilities for indoor gardening are boundless. Your creativity is only limited by your budget, time, inspiration, and available space. Growing plants indoors can be a lot of fun, whether you’re just wintering geraniums on the ledge or nurturing orchids in your bathroom. 

Plants that are native to the tropics or desert can be grown successfully inside. Foliage plants are beneficial in a variety of ways. Crotons have vibrant colors and rigid, glossy leaves. You can go for a little plant, such as the African violet, or a tall plant, such as the tall umbrella plant. Spider plants, ivy, bamboo, and mother-in-law’s tongue all have something in common. Toxins in the air are known to be absorbed by them.

How to Choose Houseplants

Evaluate Your Condition 

Some plants prefer to be left alone and thrive in a state of neglect. Others require daily care and pruning. Choose plants that meet your willingness to work in the garden as well as your preferences. Also, consider how much light the plants you choose require so you can ensure they have a good location in your apartment.

Choose low-maintenance plants

If you travel frequently, you’ll want to pick plants that don’t demand a lot of attention or watering. You won’t have to worry about anything or employ a house-sitter if you do it this way. Indoor gardens that are self-sufficient are not impossible. Try a terrarium, which develops its environment and requires no maintenance– all it takes is a nice start and a breath of fresh air now and then. 

Match plants to the surroundings

Some plants have unique requirements. These requirements allow them to dwell among humans. Pothos are endemic to the shadowy depths of tropical rainforests, where they thrive in low light. They’d be content to live in a library, cheerfully climbing the bookcases. Some plants, such as bird’s nest ferns, flourish in the bathroom’s wet air. A good picture window with an abundance of sunlight is ideal for plants like the lemon tree. But don’t put them too close together or the leaves may burn! Just make sure you choose the proper plants from for your home’s setting. 

Choose appropriate containers

Container plants are a lovely way to liven up any room, and they’re not as intimidating as you may think. Your houseplants will thrive in your interior setting if you pay attention to what they require. Make sure they’re in the right spot and that you’re following the care instructions that came with your plant.

Give your houseplants the correct soil

Just like when you’re gardening outside, make sure you’re using the right soil for your indoor plants. For most plants, a general indoor potting soil mix will suffice. Plants like orchids and cactus require particular mixes, which you can get at your local gardening store or plants from itself, typically clearly labeled to indicate which plants the soil is suitable for. 

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