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See Switzerland by Train, the Best Way to Experience This Beautiful Country

Train and railway systems are unfortunately becoming a thing of the past in many countries, especially in places such as the United States. It’s sad to see because trains offer such a rich and exciting history. However, luxury train travel is growing to become a thing of the future in many European countries such as Switzerland. After all, countless European countries still rely heavily on train travel. And after hearing more about the Swiss train system, we have decided that it is the best and most beautiful way to see Switzerland in our book.

Imagine sitting on a luxury train with large, open windows and panoramic views. You can see the fresh snow blowing by as you pass, and scenic views of the Swiss Alps paint your surroundings. Meanwhile food and beverages are brought to you in your seat. How does this not sound like an ideal vacation?

Lucky for you, there are many exciting new Swiss tours and express trains stealing the show in 2020. For instance, see the Alps as you have never seen them before with a tour aboard the Glacier Express. This luxury train has re-designed its classes for larger windows and better premium panoramic views of Switzerland.

The excellence class on the train guarantees window seating and breathtaking views of the alps around you. Concierge services are available throughout your stay in excellence class so you can receive food and drink orders directly on the table at your seat. Your tour can take you through the astounding views of the alps past St. Moritz, Zermatt, Gornergrat, and the Rhine Gorge, and provide a great view of the Matterhorn. Witness the snow fall around you while cruising by in a beautiful open train throughout the journey. Doesn’t that sound like a grand adventure?

There are new train lines and cable cars expected to open in 2020, as well. For instance, the Ceneri Base Tunnel, a railway tunnel that will pass under Monte Ceneri, will open in late 2020 providing much quicker travel through the alps. And can you imagine getting the opportunity to go through the alps quite literally?   

And more importantly, on top of being beautiful, the Swiss railway system is very efficient, covering 90% of its own power use across the Swiss alps.

So, step into the future of luxury trains and sign up for a tour of the Swiss Alps like no other today.


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