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SecureVillas Sells Luxury with Heightened Security for Your Safety

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Let’s face it, today’s world is sometimes volatile. One wonders how the recent worldwide terrorist attacks, viruses, and other safety concerns will affect luxury tourism. Whether vacationers opt for a tropical paradise or a desert destination, they need to know their vacation rental meets the highest standards of safety and security.

A group of senior professionals including a White House aide, who was also a California public safety commissioner, and luxury villa experts have created SecureVillas Inc. – a health, safety, and security certification program for the luxury vacation rental industry.

“Launching this certification was pivotal for the industry,” said Glenn Aga, partner of the U.S. based SecureVillas. “My partners and I have worked in the field for a combined 100+ years. Last year we asked ourselves, .≤what if travelers could completely relax at a vacation villa knowing it was safe and secure from theft, from faulty detectors, from fire? What if there was a way for travelers to identify villas and vacation properties that have taken steps to ensure the highest standards of guest safety and security?'”

SecureVillas provides unbiased, third-party, health, safety, and security audits for rental villas and vacation properties throughout the world. SecureVillas certifications process provides vacation property owners with the opportunity to reduce safety and security incidents, limit liability, showcase their commitment to guest safety, and security through an independent third party certification, gain valuable marketing exposure through, and work with global tourism vendors who want to limit their risk.


SecureVillas Sells Luxury with Heightened Security for Your Safety1
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