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Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

One of the biggest things that I have noticed about traveling is that, usually, we end up doing things we never pictured ourselves doing. For me, that was scuba diving. It had been on my bucket list for some time, so I booked a trip without allowing myself to think about it too much.

I took a week off of work and flew to Cairns, Australia – because where else would you learn to dive besides the Great Barrier Reef!

I completed my open water certification through ProDive, which I would highly recommend!

The five-day open water certification included a three-day live aboard on the Great Barrier Reef. This gave us extra opportunities to go on a night dive, several fun dives, and to take extra courses if we wanted. In addition to the open water certification, I was able to complete my adventure diver certification (at a reasonable extra cost).

At first, the thought of diving was terrifying. Breathing while under the water just didn’t seem right, so taking my initial breath was definitely a strange feeling.

We started the course by practicing in a pool. I took one look and asked if we were actually going to go to the bottom (at the time, four meters seemed very deep). As the course progressed, we relaxed and began to really enjoy the experience.

By the time I did the last dive of the trip, I felt so comfortable in the water. Floating weightless is such an indescribable feeling. We swam with sharks, turtles, and countless fish. When the sun hit the reef, it lit up with amazing colors as bright schools of fish swam by. The water was so clear and the sand was so white, making the water a beautiful blue. It was an incredible sight!

It’s true that the people you’re with and the instructors can make the experience so much better. We spent the week learning, laughing, and having a great time. It feels as though a new world has opened up because there are so many opportunities to dive around the world!

Have you been scuba diving? If you have, where?

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