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Scientific Ways to Make Yourself Happier

Sometimes maintaining a spirit of happiness takes some work; after all, life can throw some tough circumstances your way. Here are some scientifically proven practices that will make you happier:

Write Down 3 Things Every Day That You Are Thankful For

Sometimes you just have to snap yourself back into a thankful reality. Life can get hard, and circumstances can be a bummer; however, there’s always, always, always something to be thankful for. One surefire way to step out of a pity party (the first step towards happiness) is to re-focus your mind on what you do have by writing down three things that you’re thankful for on a daily basis. Doing this will get your mind in the right posture to maintain a sense of genuine happiness, and will keep you away from the downward spiral of concentrating on what you don’t have.


Often our minds jerk us around, and we go through times in life where completing a thought is nearly impossible. Meditation is our way to intentionally clear our minds, to refocus our thoughts, and to control where they take us. Doing this is an incredibly resourceful way to operate throughout life, and will keep happiness right at your fingertips.

Drink Coffee

In case you missed it, caffeine is often the magic elixir that gives people the power to get things done, even when they’re tired. Making a cup of coffee a part of your morning routine will do much to boost your productivity, and, if you enjoy it as a coffee drinker, it’ll be a great way to start your day doing something you enjoy- a great way to ensure a happier day.

Spend Money on Others. Not Yourself

So much about happiness is related to your focus. If you focus on self, you’ll constantly be let down because you’ll never be satisfied, and others will fail your expectations. Focus on others. lifting them up, blessing them in unexpected ways, and you bring yourself up along with them. Try spending money on others instead of yourself to ensure a state of happiness. Take a friend to lunch, fund your local soup kitchen, pay for the Starbucks customer behind you in line. Doing this will keep your spirits lifted as you’re doing your part to contribute to the happiness of someone else in the universe.

Go On a Hike

Getting outside is one of the best ways to reduce stress and refocus your mind; so, the next time you feel happiness slipping away, try going on a hike. Getting out in nature will help you clear your mind, and then will help you think clearly beyond your current circumstances. There’s something about hiking through nature that allows you to follow a thought all the way through to completion, without being interrupted by other things.

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