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Salvador Kitti

I’m a great fan of Amy Pugh-Campos’ artwork.
Her pieces revolve around the three great passions in her life: art, animals and the environment.

Salvador Kitti is a chic line of handbags and accessories that showcase Amy’s paintings.
Her line includes cosmetic bags, key purses, tote bags, backpacks, messenger bags and much more.
Each piece proudly displays her original works of art.

Now your might be asking yourself, “Why the name Salvador Kitti?”
Salvador Kitti is the name of Amy’s own cat.
He was born in Amy’s art studio and immediately dipped his paws into paint.
He is depicted in several of her pieces along with wart hogs, manatees, tigers, dolphins, horses, bears,
loggerhead turtles, seals and many other creatures.

I have a Salvador Kitti cosmetic bag and I love it.
The painting depicts a Bengal tiger in shades of green, so stylish!
I plan to add more to my collection as I am a great lover of wildlife. Also, Salvador Kitti cares about the environment.
They are a green company and a portion of the all proceeds go to
The Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, White Oak Conservation Center, and Zoo Atlanta.

You can check out all of Amy’s artwork and pieces at

Salvador Kitti’s tagline is “Eat, Paint, Meow”.
A wonderful motto to live by in my opinion!

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