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Sage: How This Color Can Be Utilized in Your Wellness Routine

The color green evokes feelings of harmony and balance. This is the reason why we see so much of this relaxing color in nature. Sage green is a particularly soothing variant of this color family. From the perspective of color psychology, this hue is believed to balance emotions and bring about a sense of tranquillity. It creates equilibrium between the body, mind, and spirit.

While other shades of green are associated with growth and rebirth, sage has a more restorative effect. It is rejuvenating and renews depleted energy levels. The color has a positive impact on emotions and strengthens your ability to love and nurture yourself. It also promotes self-care which makes it a great addition to your wellness routine.

By surrounding yourself with this color, you can create a calming sanctuary for yourself, away from the stress and chaos of everyday life. Sage green brings back balance and restores your sense of well being.

Effects of Sage

Soothing and Balancing: Thanks to its ability to balance emotions, sage can make you feel more positive and see situations clearly from all sides. This has a beneficial effect on your interactions and relationships with others as well.

Revitalizing: Sage green promotes a sense of rejuvenation when you are mentally, emotionally or physically drained. Surrounding yourself with this color can help you feel restored and see things clearly, so you’re able to focus on the bigger picture. It can also clear a cluttered mind and help you concentrate better.

Nurturing: Sage is linked with the heart and emotions. It urges you to take care of others and yourself better. It promotes a sense of tranquillity and well being, which is why it is often seen in spas and hotel rooms.

How to Incorporate This Color Into Your Life

The concepts of color psychology can be used to improve everyday life. You can use Sage to create a sense of calm in your home and work environments. If you’re planning on re-painting your walls, consider adding an accent wall in this color. You could also try including home decor accents in this hue. Simply placing a sage green vase on your desk can do wonders for your mood. At work, you could carry a sage binder or change your desktop background to get the benefits of this color. Incorporating this hue into your life in small ways can have a positive effect on your moods and emotions.


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