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Sacha Delone “Everyone Can be Glam in One Way or Another”

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You grew up all over the world – from Belgium to Iraq to Gabon. How has that affected your musical style?

Growing up in different places all over the world gave me the opportunity to encounter and immerse myself in different cultures and styles of music. I fell in love with the culture of the Middle East when I was living in Iraq, at age six. I also stayed for a couple years in Africa, living in compounds in the middle of Africa’s overwhelming natural beauty. The only music I could listen to at this time was the local music. I believe that this has affected my musical style, particularly my melodic sense. Like I’ve often said, I don’t especially want to play rock music, I just create music in a way that makes me travel in a virtual way. And I think that’s the reason why I’m creating music – I just want to keep on moving and traveling, even without moving.

You also have a background in architecture. Since you have such a mathematical brain, how does that affect your music? Does it hinder your creative process in any way?

Well, in fact, it helps me a lot. I used to be quite creative as an architect, looking for new ideas, new concepts, and then working on “how to build it”, how to bring the original concept into reality. And that’s the way I’m composing and producing my music. It all comes from a first intuition, a vision. Then I start singing, playing guitar, and forming chords and melodies in order to bring this intuition into reality, in an acoustic way. The biggest part of my producing job is not “having an idea”, but bringing my intuition and feelings back to reality and sharing that with the audience.

“Glam” is a big part of our brand, as well as yours. What does “glam” mean to you?

That is THE question I wanted to answer. Call it love, call it brightness, call it “glitter” or luminescence… I think that “the glam”, being “glam”, or even being “glamorous” is above all a question of natural identity. There is something “glam” within everyone. Everyone can be “glam” in one way or another. We all can find this “glam” part of ourselves, somehow. And this is not about superficiality or artifice. It’s all about being and showing, giving the authentic and most brilliant part of ourselves – then the “glam” starts to appear. It comes when you start giving and spreading your inner bright light all around you. I guess that’s what billions of stars and suns have been doing for million years, and they gave us life, and life is precious.

You’re a proud vegetarian. How has that influenced your lifestyle, both professionally and personally?

It helped me to find peace and harmony. Throwing back on your question about what “glam” means to me, life is a gift and every single life is precious. As a vegetarian, I feel better living in harmony with my natural context: the Earth.

This concept of harmony makes me more comfortable from a spiritual point of view. It helps me open doors to the best parts of myself, being a peaceful human. My decision to live as a vegetarian is a philosophical decision. This is one part of my contribution to the world and to global harmony. It defines who I really am and, of course, it influences my lifestyle.

I’m sure that humanity will learn how to live in peace with the other species. There is a lot to do, of course, but I’m sure that the change has already started, and one day, we will find and live this precious harmony. I want to take part in that greater project! And living as a vegetarian shows other people that: yes, it is possible. I will go on spreading the word as much as possible as long as the universe gives me the chance to do so.

SuperGlam’s debut album will be out in Spring 2017. You can follow Sacha Delone on YouTube here.

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