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Rug Trends You Can Follow to Decorate Your Home in 2021

Have you considered the latest rug trends in 2021 while trying to design your home? The common rug specifications are pattern, size and material that is perfect for your house. But, ensure to follow the latest trends so that you can make your home more appealing. Here are the latest rug trends you need to incorporate into your home decor.

1. Introduce the Beauty of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are excellent if you are looking to add that monochromatic tribal pattern in your home. Moroccan rugs are woven by skilled artisans that use special natural materials.

All Moroccan rugs are unique. If you want, you can order your own customized rug. You can be assured of durability with these rugs.

2. Loud and Geometric Rugs

In the past years, people used to shy off from bright rugs; however, that has changed in 2021. Geometric rugs make your house speak for itself. They will make your home appear more dashing and bolder.

You can incorporate geometric rugs in your outdoors, indoors, kitchen, your kid’s room or whichever place seems fit. The idea is to get creative with these bright rugs. You can mix them with some dull colours to create an appealing space.

3. Vintage Rugs

You might be thinking vintage rugs are old-school; however, people have found ways of modernizing vintage in 2021. Vintage rugs come in different varieties; you will be spoilt for choice.

You can even go and get your grandma’s vintage rugs and get creative with them. The best hack is to mix vintage rugs with your modern mixture. You can check the different types of vintage rugs at Lawrence of La Brea rugs.

4. Green Rugs

The green colour rug trend has been huge in 2021 because more people have spent their time indoors. Green gives a calm and cosy feeling inspired by nature.

You can use green rugs at any place in your house. Don’t forget the outdoors because you will spend a lot of time outdoors. The green rugs also add warmth in a house.

5. Kilim Rugs

In the past years, Kilim rugs used to be considered old-school. In 2021, these rugs have been at the forefront of home décor.

These rugs are originally made in Turkey, the Balkans and North Africa. Kilim rugs are loved for their extraordinary patterns and colours.

6. Layered Rugs

Layered rugs were not considered important before. However, in 2021 they have become a huge trend because people have noticed how layering beautifies a place. The mixture of different patterns through layered rugs will brighten your home.

A common hack is to place the minimal rug below and put the bright rug up. You can use layering in your sitting room and the bedroom. If you are bold enough, you can still add layers in your kitchen.

7. Modern Animal Print Rugs

Animal print rugs have been popular for decades. But, in 2021, they have become huge because of the modern designs that have come up. Modern animal print rugs have been made by creating beautiful patterns. They are an ideal piece of art for your home.

You can place them at any place in your house. They tend to look more beautiful in a sitting room with modern furniture. Moreover, they are durable and are budget-friendly compared to other rugs.


You can use these trends to change the design of your house in 2021. The critical factor is to go with a trend that appeals to your taste. Don’t choose a popular trend that you feel won’t make your home look great.

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