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Romantic Meals for Valentine’s Day that Just Happen to be Vegan

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Are you looking to impress your hubby on Valentine’s Day? How about a vegan meal?

It is hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. With this romantic event, many of us are thinking about the ideal thing to do to celebrate! If you’re thinking of creating a home-cooked meal for your significant other, have you considered a vegan meal?

Vegan meals are no longer considered foreign or complicated. They are both delicious and good for you! And if you are vegan or vegetarian and your partner is not, this is a perfect way to subtly introduce him to a meatless meal! After all, many might still balk at the idea of a meal without meat.
For many of us, meat was always considered the focus of any meal, especially dinner, and the sides such as vegetables, starches, or fruits, were considered exactly that — sides. They were never the largest component of any meal.

Today, we know that meat can be harmful to our health. It is high in fat and cholesterol. Eating too much meat can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments just to name a few. Also, animal protein has been linked to kidney disease and cancer.

Heard enough? So, a healthy vegan meal is ideal for Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, they are quick and simple to make and we’ll bet your hubby will be impressed by your cooking prowess! Here are a few of our favorite vegan recipes that will make him ask for seconds, for sure!

Vegan Eggplant Lasagna-We love this simple and flavorful recipe from guest chef, Seth Lewis!


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