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Rochelle Aytes: On “Mistresses” and Dancing on Set

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You’ve been a dancer for the majority of your life. But, when and why did you make the transition to acting?

My first love was dance. all forms, ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop.etc. I made the transition into acting after touring with the Broadway Show, “Aida.” As an ensemble member I had to dance, sing, and act. This was my first introduction into acting. After the tour was over, I went back to New York and invested in acting classes at Penny Temple Studios. It was so intense and so much fun! I fell in love with acting. Thank you Penny!

As a dancer, you have to be very aware of your body. Has that helped you feel more confident on camera and on stage? Is it ever a hindrance in any way?

I think that having a dance background was such an advantage for me, especially since I started my acting training so late. Part of acting is about being comfortable in your own skin. How you stand and just be can sometimes feel false or awkward. In those moments, I am a dancer again and it always helps in my performance. By the way, I love to dance around on set. It gets my blood going and takes me out of my head.

Do you still dance to stay in shape? If not, what are you go-to exercises to stay in shape?

I take dance class every now and then, but it’s not as often as I would like to. However, exercise is very important to me. I do yoga, Pilates, or just work out at the gym.

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