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Rising Star Noelle Bean

Noelle Bean. Have you heard of the musical rising star? If you haven’t prepare to be amazed. Bean as they call her is bringing a new sound to the music industry and is showing everyone what living and breathing music looks likes. The Dallas-Born, Nashville-raised and Los Angeles- based singer, songwrtiter and performer began her career by releasing her song “Like to Love You” on Youtube. After the song sparked a considerable amount of attention, she began performing in her Texas hometown and soon after all over the country. The star’s music has been featured in spots for global brands including Mitsubishi, Lay’s, Bud Light Lime and Coca Cola. Bean has also kickstarted her career opening for artists like Colbie Caillat, Megan & Liz, Hot Chelle Rae and Austin Mahone. Not to mention, Bean also performed at Bonnaroo 2013, and most recently with Kalin and Myles for their 2014 National Summer tour. As of 2014, Bean signed with STRZ and has since released singles including “Cops and Robbers”, “Let’s Go”, and “Rollercoaster.” It is clear her musical career is just getting started and there is no doubt she will be taking over the billboard charts in years to come.

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  1. How did you get your career started as a musical artist?

Truthfully, I always loved singing in the shower as a kid or along to the radio in the car, but I never
fully realized my passion for music until I was 18 and given my first guitar. From the moment I got it, I couldn’t put it down and next thing I knew I was writing songs and uploading them to Youtube!

  1. Did you feel putting yourself on YouTube began to build your presence as an artist?

I certainly believe that without social media, I wouldn’t have been so lucky to have met such incredible people around the world who are fans of my tunes. If it wasn’t for Youtube, I’m not so sure I’d be to the point where I am career-wise right now.

  1. What was your musical background previous to getting started in the industry?

I never really was the bubbly, out-going kid in a few different regards including singing growing up. But, when your parents are pastors and the church needs an extra voice to sing for the soprano who called in sick, you get over being nervous and shy real fast 🙂

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