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Ribbon Blonde is the Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trend Perfect for Summer

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Updating our look for summer is a regular yearly occurrence. We’ve spent the last year looking for low-maintenance looks, and it seems like things haven’t changed much. Many hair enthusiasts are holding off on the popular, vibrant hair colors and look for simpler ways to refresh their look. Here comes the ribbon blonde hair color – a highly contrasted combination of warmer base tones and bold blonde highlights. This dye job is going to set you apart from the crowds with minimal effort. Colorists use the balayage technique to softly paint the highlights and create a playful transition of shades. If you’re up to try something new and classy, this might just be the perfect choice for you. Check out our list below and find your next look!

ribbon blonde is the low-maintenance hair color trend perfect for summer
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Photo By @bestofbalayage/Instagram

As you might guess, the ribbon blonde hair colors flatter brunettes the most. For a softer look, choose a buttery blonde shade and apply the highlights from the middle to the ends. This dye job is very sophisticated, so we recommend it to all the elegant ladies who are ready for a subtle change.

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