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Reviving 60’s Hairstyles: The Power of Color-Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair

It isn’t unknown for people in their 20s or younger to discover the odd gray hair, and by the time you hit 30, you’ll normally have found one or two. Once the 50s through to the 70s arrives, gray hair is far more common.

Yet, not everyone gets gray hair even in their 60s. Studies found that about 91% of individuals aged 61 to 65 will have about 40% gray hair. But, plenty of people in their 70s still have some or most of their original hair color.

Hair trends come and go, with some returning sporadically, and many chose to end 2022 with bright hair colors. These invoked memories of the 1960s with vivid colors being a popular choice but an eon away from the days of the blue and purple rinse.

What is color-depositing shampoo?

Perhaps you’re not ready to go gray gracefully just yet. In which case, coloring shampoo for gray hair may be the solution for those who want to add some tints and color to their locks. Basically, this is a shampoo like any other but depending on the type it can help to enhance natural colors, or add bold tints.

Remember the purple rinses that were touched upon in the intro? Well, many color-depositing shampoos will add blue, pink, or purple hues to anyone who uses them. Whoever thought that particular trend would get a modern twist and be back in vogue?

How do you use color-depositing shampoo?

Do you wish to revitalize your natural colors, add some contrast, or go for a vivid tint? You’ll also have to decide how strong you want the color to be.

As with any hair product, take note of the labeling and follow the instructions that are given. However, to get the color strength you desire, you should set a timer once you have worked the shampoo thoroughly into your hair.

Products like these differ, but essentially, the longer the shampoo stays in your hair, the stronger the color effect will be. Gray hair with pink and purple is one of the hair trends this winter, but decide first if you want your look to be subtle, or stunning.

Why do people go gray?

Sadly, going gray is pretty much another symptom of getting old. Some people believe stress can play a part in gray hair development, but it’s mostly down to pigment cells dying out.

The fewer pigment cells your hair follicles have, the less natural color will be in your hair. When melanin stops being produced by pigment cells, your hair will take on a white or gray appearance. Effectively, when melanin ceases to be produced, your hair strands become transparent, and that is when they start to look gray, or silver in some cases.

There is some evidence that people can experience their gray hair returning to its original color, but there is also a point of no return that gets reached in later life.

Is color-depositing shampoo permanent?

No hair dye is technically permanent, but some coloring treatments last longer than others. When you choose a color-depositing shampoo, read the label carefully.

Some of these shampoos will last for up to 30 washes, and some will go after just 2 or 3. What will happen with all of them though, is that the color will fade with each hair wash.

Whenever you use any type of color treatment you must take extra care of your hair. You can use conditioners, avoid hair dryers, and even use a durag. These can protect your hair from sun damage, strengthen it, and a Waves Hair Durag can hold your hairstyle in place.

Is coloring bad for your hair?

Hair dyes can damage your hair, but color-depositing shampoos are a much lighter option. The reason is that a conditioner or shampoo that deposits color will not contain any bleach. Lightening hair causes a lot of hair damage due to the chemicals involved.

And color dyes affect proteins and lipids in your hair, which you need for healthy locks. Color-depositing shampoos are considered safe to use at home, but if you are concerned then look for products that advertise that they are free of silicone and other chemicals. Or consult with your regular hairdresser or stylist.


Purple and pink hair might make you think more of the seventies and punk than the sixties. But, glam rock pioneers and older members of society were all enjoying colored highlights and blue and purple tints.

Color depositing shampoo allows young and older people to safely color their hair at home with one of the many different options available. Natural colors or bright vivid tones are on the market, and if you want to revitalize your gray hair, it is only a shampoo away.

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