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Review: J.Lo’s “All I Have”

J.Lo transitioned to her Back to Bronx set. A subway car and a giant Yankees cap became the backdrop. Colors, sparkles, and more dancers took over the stage. The choreography integrated more hip-hop and it was thrilling.






Next came the Burlesque section. This section was just about her and two of her dancers. The clothes gradually kept coming off. Vegas is known for their burlesque dancers and she not only fit in with them but blew them away. You couldn’t take your eyes off her.




After came her Ballad section. J.Lo was hoisted in an apparatus so she floated way above her audience and she sang “I Hope You Dance” in honor of her kids. (She noted she sang that song often to them.) While J.Lo has a beautiful and very strong voice, as she has a lack of vibrato, this song choice was not the best for her. But we love that she connected with such a beautiful track.





The Funk section brought the energy of the house back up again. J.Lo started with her brand new single “Ain’t Your Mama”. This track sounds even better live than its recording. The guitar parts sound so sweet against the live drums.




It wouldn’t be a Jennifer Lopez show without some Latin flavor. For “Let’s Get Loud” she incorporated the infamous fan dances that burlesque performers often do. It was gorgeous, eye-catching, and so appropriate for this Vegas show.




Finally, J.Lo ended with a section called Rave. Here is when she performed a remixed version of “Waiting for Tonight” and finally got the entirety of the audience to stand for “Dance Again” and “On the Floor”. The men’s shirts came off, a giant crescent moon came out, fire started shooting out of the stage, and everyone went nuts. You knew this was the finale and she ended it with the best of her roster. It was perfect.




There are not that many performers in the world that are worth traveling to Vegas to see perform. But Jennifer Lopez is worth it. Book your tickets today.



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