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Review: J.Lo’s “All I Have”

Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” is one not to miss.

Imagine being a big enough superstar that you no longer have to tour. Instead the people come to the venue of your choice. They fly in from all around the world and you still sell out venues. That’s a dream for any artist. That dream is a Las Vegas residency.

Getting a Las Vegas residency used to be considered a signal to the industry that you are done making new music and happy to perform your greatest hits until you retire. That all changed on September 17th, 2013 when Britney Spears announced her residency at Planet Hollywood. Now, it’s cool to be in Vegas. Britney’s been incredibly successful with “Piece of Me” so it was no surprise that Jennifer Lopez followed suit with her announcement in May of 2015. We heard great things about “All I Have” since it premiered in February. We knew we had to see it for ourselves.

“All I Have” is divided into seven sections: Glamour, Back to Bronx, Burlesque, Ballad, Funk, Latin, and Rave. Lopez performed 22 songs that encompassed her entire discography.




J.Lo started with her two first singles: “If You Had My Love” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. In a bright silver one-piece, she immediately dazzled the audience.





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