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Review: Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” at Planet Hollywood

Every since 2002, when boy bands started to fall off the radar, boy bands have been subjected to ridicule, harsh judgment, and unnecessary hatred just because of their genre. Bands such as the Backstreet Boys, O-Town, and New Kids on the Block have only put out music that make people feel good, so the fact people seem to judge a genre just because it’s not their preference is ridiculous. Sure their outfits and dance moves were dated, but what harm was it doing?

If you’re looking to read a review where I discredit the Backstreet Boys’ talent because they’re “just a boy band” or “they’re not boys anymore” or “they’re dads now so it’s weird,” that’s not what you’re going to get. I’ve peaked around at a few other reviews, and I’ve followed other media coverage throughout the years about the Backstreet Boys. Many of them have no idea that the Backstreet Boys have toured consistently since their inception, with or without Kevin Richardson, or they slyly sneak in their hatred for boy bands because they’re not “real music” into every piece they do about them. (I even read one review where the reviewer blatantly said that *NSYNC is better. How is that not rude?) I’m tired of it. Let’s see you bust out five-part harmony with choreography for 100 minutes four shows a week when you’re approximately 40. Then you might be in their league. Until then, I will give them an honest review for what these guys truly are: artists.



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