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Resorts Around the World that Are the Epitome of Ethical Luxury

Where can you go to have an ethical vacation and still have fun at the same time?

As we draw a close to this year, you might be surprised to find that going vegan and vegetarian was one of the top trends of 2017.  And by deciding to adapt a diet that is plant-based and a lifestyle that is compassionate, you might also want to enjoy a vacation that ascribes to the same philosophy. But where can you find a luxury resort that believes in ecological sustainability and leading a life free of animal products?

Well, search no further because we have found some amazing luxury resorts that are both sustainable and ethical! Here, you can create wonderful memories with your friends and family, enjoy delicious meals and know that your vacation is not harming the environment or animals.  What an ideal way for you to end 2017 or to begin the New Year!

Bangkok Tree House Bangkok, Thailand

At this sustainable resort, the hotel will remove 1 kilogram of trash from the area for every booking that it receives.  Here, you can explore Wat Bang Nam Phung Nok Temple and Sri Nakon Kuan Kam Park and the hotel will even pack an organic picnic for you!


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