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Refresh Your Curls This Winter With Pintura Highlights

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Textured hair might not be the easiest to manage, but it offers endless styling options. If your curls have been feeling a little dull lately, this gorgeous trend will give them a major refresh. Pintura is a delicate highlighting technique that can breathe life to any type of textured hair. The name comes from the Spanish word for painting. It allows colorists to treat curls like a canvas. If you’re curious how pintura highlights would look on you, we got some wonderful ideas to get your inspiration going. Take a look at our gallery and give your hair an artsy makeover.

refresh your curls with pintura highlights
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Photo By @jewejewebee/Instagram

As the name suggests, the pintura technique involves painting color onto the strands without using bleach and foils. Your colorist can easily pinpoint which curls would look best highlighted and have more control over the outcome.

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