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Reema Khan of S.H.A.P.E.S. Brow Bar Inspires Women to Live to Their Fullest Potential

Entrepreneur Reema Khan is an inspiration to us all.

Reema Khan’s story is one of challenges and success.  She is a role model to women of all ages because she is an example of what you can become by pursuing the life of your dreams.  Beginning in 2001 with a single salon in Chicago, she now has locations all over the United States.

But how did Reema achieve her phenomenal success coming from humble beginnings? And who does she thank for helping her achieve her accomplishments? After all, no one can do it completely on their own. Reema knows the importance of acknowledging those who have helped her realize her full potential.

So, come with us as we find out Reema’s secrets of success! She is an example of where hard work, determination and drive can take you.  She is a woman that had a clear plan and followed through despite the many challenges that came her way. We asked Reema about her dreams, career and family as she knows how to achieve everything you could want in life!

Q&A with Reema Khan

Reema, you are the CEO and founder of S.H.A.P.E.S. Brow Bar. You began in 2001 with a single salon in Chicago.  Now, how has S.H.A.P.E.S. Brow Bar grown? How many locations do you have throughout the US?

I am a co-founder of S.H.A.P.E.S. We have about 64-plus locations in the US. The growth has been tremendous as brow shaping has become so popular. Because of this, we have multiplied by tenfold.

How many employees do you currently have? And how many of these employees are women?  What do you look for in an employee and is there a common denominator between them all?

We currently have approximately 350 employees that are women. I believe employees need to be passionate about their job. I try to help immigrant women who not only have survived domestic abuse, but also have taken charge to be the breadwinners for their families.

Brow Bar has now grown to offer a multitude of services. How is it different than when you first began?

In the beginning, I owned a salon as I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. I was more in demand for my unique skill of brow shaping using thread which I learned in India. As we became successful and popular in this service, we slowly graduated to offer other makeover services such as makeup, hair extensions, and lash extensions.

You must have experienced many challenges while getting your business off the ground.  What words of advice do you have for women entrepreneurs who are starting their own business from humble beginnings like you did so many years ago?

Yes, I still do. I have experienced many challenges. Challenges always make us stronger. They always teach us something new. Merely venturing out to be somebody is going to be a challenge . Always tell yourself that challenges are here to make you stronger and always, always look for the positive in any situation.

Who has been your greatest influence in your life so far and what have you learned from them?

My greatest influence is my husband, Mosin Khan, and my mother. I have seen my husband rise above and beyond any situation life has to offer. My mother is the silent pillar in my life — someone I can go to and feel safe. She is my teacher.

What have your clients taught you about your business?

My clients have always supported me. They are like my extended family. It is because of their kindness that I am here today. Their loyalty and love are the only two reasons I am here.

We are so excited about your latest endeavor, Reema Beauty! Can you tell us about your luxury line?

Reema beauty is a full luxury line. It is very affordable and it is cruelty-free and contains no parabens. The pigments and colors are inspired by my rich background and Indian heritage.

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You have to tell us about your connection to The Guinness World Book of Records!  What did you break the record for last year?

Omg…I broke this record by doing 53 sets of brows in one hour last year at the LA Women’s Convention! All proceeds were given to the charities supporting women. The media coverage was amazing! We were the breaking news for 550 channels all over the world!

You are an extremely busy business woman. How do you balance your career with your personal life? And did you feel like you had to sacrifice anything to become successful?

Yes. My sacrifice was the time I could have spent with my children. I am very sensitive about my kids and I still feel teary thinking that I was not there for them when they were babies. I had no choice and no finances to find a babysitter for them while I was struggling.  So, I left them in India so they could get proper care from their grandparents. That was for a year and it felt like a lifetime.

You were nominated in 2011 as one of the 28 most powerful women in the world!  Tell us about this experienced and how has it changed your life?

Until 2011, I didn’t even know that the world saw me that way! After that, a shift happened in my life and I started living my purpose.  I believe it is to reach out to those women who are abused and are not in a good place. I want to share my dream to make them understand that positivity and a good attitude will always be rewarded.

You know the importance of giving back.  Are there any charities or organizations that are close to your heart and why?

I have my own two charities: Feeding the Beauty Within and Everyone is Beyoutiful. I go to these shelters and organizations that support the causes and give makeovers to victims and survivors.

If you had two things to say to every woman, what would they be?

Accept yourself the way you are. And there is no man out there that needs to be pleased.

You can follow Reema Khan on Instagram here and you can book an appointment at one of her brow bars here.

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