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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With 6 Easy Steps

We all want to lead a green lifestyle. You know the deal: care for ourselves while we care for the planet. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget about every impact that our actions and decisions have on the environment. So, how can you reduce your carbon footprint? For starters, the steps you can take on your way to work, in your life at home, and even when you travel, can add up to make a huge difference. Let’s clean up our act and protect the planet with these 6 steps.

Carry a travel mug

Cut back on your paper use by taking a clean travel mug to your favorite coffee shop. Ask them to serve your latte, drip coffee, flat white—whatever it may be—in the to-go cup instead.

No more single-use plastic

Turn to reusable Tupperware containers to store leftovers in the fridge or bring lunch with you to work. If you refuse to buy plastic wrap or plastic bags to begin with, you will dramatically reduce the amount of single-use plastics you use on a weekly (or even daily) basis. And in turn, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint across the board.

Light up your home

Use LED lights in your home and get into the habit of turning off lights as you leave a room. It normally takes about 21 days to establish a habit. So start right away! And during the day, pull curtains aside, push up blinds, and take in the natural light. Whenever possible, leave lights switched off and light up your home with natural sunlight.

Go vegan

There’s not doubt about it: a vegan lifestyle is the key to advocating for a healthy planet. The amount of resources (food, water, air, space) that are required to raise animals is incredible. And it’s polluting the earth. Turn to a plant-based diet for a healthy alternative that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Compensate for air travel

When you book a flight, you can choose to buy carbon offsets to reduce your carbon footprint. Usually, this means paying a bit more to fund a tree planting. This will compensate for the fuel burned during your flight. And you’ll travel better, knowing that you money is being put to good use.

Stay green

When you travel—either domestically or internationally—seek out environmentally friendly hotels. Ask a few questions when you begin to research. Do they use a renewable energy source like solar energy or wind energy? Does the hotel restaurant compost? And do they use energy-conserving LED lights? When you book a stay at a green hotel, you—and the planet—benefit.



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