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Red Wine Lovers, this Spa is for YOU!

For all you red wine lovers out there, get ready to have a fantasy realized. In Japan, there is a spa that allows you to indulge in your most decadent delight: swimming in a pool of wine! You heard right, this Japanese wine pool is a hit with many clamoring to dive into an outdoor pond filled with Merlot.




The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan is a water park that offers a pool filled with gallons of red wine. As most will agree, red wine is touted as an anti-aging drink because of antioxidants, mainly resveratrol. Resveratrol stimulates cell proteins that in turn allow the cell to live longer in the body.


yunessun spa resort hakone japan pool of wine


In Japan, this wine bath is open a mere 12 days a year. However, one wonders if we can take a lesson from the Japanese (as we so often do) and create a luxury wine bath here at home? I mean, how much wine would you actually need to have a wine bath? In Japan, they pour wine for the bath from a 12 foot bottle so one can imagine that’s a lot of wine. Here, the average bath uses 35 to 50 gallons of water. (That seems like an awful lot of wine in my opinion!) Provided you fill the bath only half way, let’s estimate that would take 25 gallons of wine. And here is where the infamous Two Buck Chuck would come in handy. Incidentally, Two Buck Chuck is now Three Buck Chuck. There are approximately five bottles of wine in one gallon. A 25 gallon wine bath would equal 125 bottles. So that would put your cost estimate at $375.00 for a luxurious wine bath.


And if you’re looking for an organic and sulfate free wine, why not try Pizzolato Merlot at $12.00 a bottle will bring your wine bath to an indulgent $1500.00. Boy, that certainly better be a powerful antioxidant, rejuvenating bath!
While one wouldn’t advise drinking directly out of your bath, perhaps you will find the fountain of youth by bathing in this glamorous, luxurious elixir! Cheers!


*Yunessun Spa Resort also does coffee, green tea, ramen broth baths, and more!


Yunessun Spa Resort Hakone Japan sake, ramen broth, tea, pools


yunessun spa resort house hakone japan



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