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Recreating the Spa Experience at Home

There are few things more relaxing than a day at the spa. But with rising costs affecting our spending power and disposable income, this is becoming an occasional luxury rather than a regular appointment for most of us. If you’ve got the right setup at home, however, it’s possible to replicate many of the benefits of a spa day, without spending too much.

Let’s look at how we might recreate your favourite spa treatments at home, on a reasonable budget.

Have a long bath with luxury products

We’ll start with the most obvious bathroom relaxation pastime: the classic long soak in the bath. Bubbles are a necessity, and you can add a little extra luxury with some aromatic enhancements. Candles, incense sticks and scented oils all work nicely – just make sure that you observe basic fire safety, and keep flames away from your towels.

If you don’t have a bath, or you’d prefer to do things in a hurry, then you might go for a quick shower instead. But quick doesn’t necessarily mean substandard: use a few essential oils, and upgrade to a modern power shower, and you can unwind just as easily while standing up.

Create an ambience

We’ve already mentioned aromatherapy. But candles can also have a visual impact. Turn out the lights and play some calming instrumental music. You’ll find hundreds of suitable playlists on your favourite streaming services. Or, you can play pure white noise, instead. There are a number of bathroom-friendly speaker systems on the market, or you can pick something up second-hand.


Exfoliation can really help you emerge from the bathroom feeling cleansed and refreshed. With that invisible layer of dead skin scrubbed away, your pores will finally be able to breathe! You can find plenty of exfoliating products at high-street beauty shops, or you can order more specialised products online. It’s worth paying extra for something that matches your tastes and your body.

Pamper your hair

There’s washing your hair, and then there’s washing your hair. Take the time to massage that conditioner into your roots, and to spread it all the way to the tips. If you’ve got a willing volunteer, you can even have this done for you, at home.

According to the experts, most of us are washing our hair wrong, anyway. So, take your time to practice and develop the right habits. This means massaging in a small amount of shampoo and then rinsing and repeating!

By following these simple steps, you’ll soon find that the luxurious spa experience is much more easily achieved at home than you may have thought.

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