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We Got the Beet: Recipe for Fresh Beet Juice and Beet Salad

I’m not talking music, I’m talking veggies. The beet is one of those veggies we just don’t eat enough of. Fresh or cooked, it is time to add this powerhouse veggie to our regular diet.

Do you know why beets are healthy for you?

Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful vegetable.

What are the Benefits of beets?

This crimson vegetable is an excellent source of folate and betaine. These two nutrients work together to lower your blood levels of homocysteine. Also, the purple color called betacyanins has been proven to fight cancer. Can’t beet that! (Pun intended)

How do you eat them?

You can juice, steam, roast, bake, or grill them. Cooked beets will lose some of its antioxidant properties, so fresh is best if you can eat them that way.

What do they taste like?

Visually they look like a dirty root plant. But once washed and cleaned, it tastes sweet. In fact, beets have the highest natural sugar in the vegetable category.



1 beet

1 apple

1 inch root of ginger

1 stalk of celery

1 carrot

Directions: Wash all ingredients well, juice them all together, stir, and drink immediately.

Serves 1



4 cups fresh arugula

2 small beets (boiled)

Vegan cheese (sprinkled on salad)

1/2 cup pine nuts

Directions: Makes 2 servings. Boil 2 small beets until soft. You will be able to poke a fork through them. Take 2 cups of arugula per salad plate and spread out greens. Cut up the 2 beets in squares. Add 1 beet per plate sprinkled over arugula. Sprinkle desired amount of vegan cheese over the 2 veggies. Garnish with 1/2 cup pine nuts. Enjoy!


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