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6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet

A vegan lifestyle can lead to several health perks. One, in particular, is a fit and slender physique. However, weight loss is not a definite result you can get by consuming plant-based products. Even if you have given up animal products, you can still gain weight, especially if you have an inactive lifestyle. To give you a better idea, here are some reasons you’re not losing weight on a vegan diet.


Plant-based products can definitely provide a ton of nutrients, but they also contain calories. Some foods, like avocado and nuts, have high amounts of calories that can affect your weight when taken in large servings. So, you have to be mindful of the calories present in your foods. Remember, the calories you consume are crucial if you’re trying to shed some pounds or body fat. If you’re not a big fan of counting calories, you can practice portion control. Instead of eating three big meals, you can try eating smaller meals five to six times a day.

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A usual challenge for those new to the vegan lifestyle is getting enough protein. Thus, one of the most common reasons you’re not losing weight on a vegan diet is inadequate protein intake. Remember, this macronutrient is necessary to build muscles, allowing you to continuously burn calories all day by keeping your metabolism on the go. The good news is that you can resolve this problem by including protein-rich foods in your every meal. The best plant sources of protein are legumes, nuts, seeds, and soybean products. You can also consult your doctor or nutritionist to help you create balanced meals.


Some of you may skip a meal due to a busy schedule. Another probable reason is to cut down your calorie intake. However, regularly skipping meals is a common habit that can sabotage your weight loss. One reason is that this practice will only result in more food cravings, especially when your body enters survival mode. Unfortunately, when we are craving, we usually reach out for sugary and unhealthy foods, leading to consuming more calories. As mentioned, eating five to six small meals per day can help your calorie intake while preventing starvation. Consuming fiber-rich foods can also promote a longer feeling of satiety.


Aside from those reasons you’re not losing weight on a vegan diet, another probable cause is consuming a lot of highly-processed foods. Buying pre-packed vegan foods is acceptable as long as you read their labels and avoid unhealthy ingredients. In addition, some of these products also contain high amounts of calories, like cookies, veggie chips, and ice cream. Nonetheless, you can still eat these vegan products occasionally. Consuming whole foods and minimally processed products is still the best strategy to nourish your body and control your calorie intake.


Today, you can make or buy beverages that can nourish your body, like kombucha, fruit drinks, and smoothies. While these drinks can offer health benefits, they can also contain many calories. So, you have to consider their total calories if you’re trying to lose weight. As much as possible, pick a glass of water or unsweetened tea to satisfy your thirst. If you’re going to opt for other beverages, you have to include them in the total calories of your snack or meal.


The last in this list of reasons you’re not losing weight on a vegan diet is having an inactive lifestyle. Remember, exercising can help you burn more calories. Plus, these activities also offer numerous health benefits, like promoting a healthy heart and improving your mood. A highly recommended approach to build a slender physique is to follow a fitness plan that combines cardio and strength training workouts.

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Overall, you can definitely get various health benefits through a vegan diet. But, if your goal is to lose weight, opting for plant-based products is not enough. Exercising coupled with healthy eating habits is the best strategy you can do to shed those unwanted fats without harming your body.


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