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Reasons Why You Should Work With A Wedding Planner

From finding the right venue to picking up the florist, there is a lot of work involved in preparing for your wedding. And while looking for vendors, you’ll also have to make decisions based on your budget and time. It typically takes couples hours to plan their ceremony and reception, between booking vendors and choosing every element of décor. 

But relax, all of that responsibility does not have to be carried by you and your partner! Hiring a wedding planner can help make the process easier and more enjoyable, whether you are both overworked or overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions to make. Here’s why you should work with a wedding planner.

1. The full responsibility will be taken off your shoulders.

Wedding-related tasks are sure to eat up a great deal of free time. It might already seem like you don’t have any time between your full-time job and other duties. By hiring a wedding planner, you can hand off those time consuming tasks to someone else. Besides arranging appointments, your planner can handle vendors and take care of the small details.

All the tedious details will be handled by a wedding planner while you focus on the fun parts of planning your wedding, like tasting wedding cakes and selecting bridesmaid dresses. Moreover, you will not go insane trying to accomplish everything!

2. They will save you from stress.

The planning process will cause a lot of anxiety and overthinking over details. Times like these bring out everyone’s opinions about how things should be done, and you may feel confused and lost. Wedding planners help you act rationally, and they can negotiate conflicts between the ideas of your loved ones. 

Your great aunt might want you to wear her dress from 50s, or you and your mother might have different opinions about what is appropriate and you might want to disagree with them without breaking any hearts. Most of all, make sure you relax on your wedding day and enjoy it.

3. You’ll get help with staying on your budget. 

Almost all couples have strict wedding budgets and timelines to follow. Due to their knowledge of the market, planners will help you find the vendors who will give you the best value for your money. 

With a wedding planner, you’ll be able to figure out what’s most affordable and get the best deals by crunching the numbers and securing discounts. As an added bonus, they’ll keep you on schedule, making it easier for you to complete your to-do list on time.

4. They are familiar with the market. 

Wedding planners are constantly communicating with photographers, bands, florists, caterers, designers, hair stylists and everyone else you’ll need. By using their recommendations of vendors, you will not have to spend hours searching hopelessly for the right vendors for your celebration. 

In addition, since the wedding planner has an ongoing relationship with most local vendors, they may be able to negotiate better deals for you. Having a wedding planner means you’ll have vendors who you know and trust will deliver great service, and a wedding planner will make sure things turn out just the way you’ve imagined.

5. You won’t be alone on your wedding day. 

Your planner will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day by coordinating logistics, managing the venue, and coordinating vendors. There might be people who did not RSVP, or did not inform you about their dietary restrictions. But these won’t be your problem to handle. 

You won’t need to worry about anything but enjoying your special day with your nearest and dearest since your planner will be the first one on the scene if there are any issues during the ceremony or reception. What a relief, huh?

6. They will keep you on time.

There is a time schedule that needs to be followed during the planning process and on the wedding day as well. Are you wondering when to send out save the date cards or how long your reception should last? With a planner, you’re in good hands. Those with a tight timeline can also benefit from the services of a wedding planner. 

Although wedding planning may seem like an elaborate, long-term endeavour, and some consultants do request several months of advance notice, planners can also work quickly if need be.

Investing in a wedding planner may seem like a luxury, but once you consider all of the time and money you’ll save with their help, it becomes an absolute necessity. Wedding planners coordinate all the details before the wedding, as well as handle any little details that arise on the day so you can concentrate on the most important thing – being married!

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