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Ra‚àö‚à´l Castillo: On His Girlfriend, His Personal Style, and ‘Looking’

For all you lovers of HBO dramas,
this one’s for you. With three episodes left of Season 2, Raul Castillo,
who plays fan favorite Richie, talked to VIVA GLAM to anticipate the season finale on Sunday, March 22nd.

Raul talks to us about what his character has done for his culture, how much his girlfriend loves the attention he gets from male viewers, and how his personal style possibly influenced Richie’s look.





What is something you love about playing Richie that fans might not expect?

The food.
Richie and Patrick are always eating great food.


As Richie and
Patrick broke up, how
do you think they are going to go about being friends? What do you think will change the most in terms of their chemistry and how they interact with each other?

Patrick won’t have it so easy with Richie.
Richie is loyal, but if you double-cross him, he
doesn’t forget so easily.
Forgive, don’t forget.
Is that the saying?
I do
believe that Richie and Patrick have a strong, undeniable bond.
But it’s going to take some work on Patrick’s end to keep it going.


How has the Latino community, especially the gay Latino community, reacted to your character?

Judging from the feedback I have gotten so far, it seems the Latino community is hungry for characters like Richie.
It’s inspiring and encouraging to hear from fans who identify with him, and with the all the characters on the show for that matter.


You reside in New York while the show is set in San Francisco. What differences have you found between the gay community in SF and NYC? Have any of them surprised you?

You can’t be any more surprised than the Fulton Street Fair in San Francisco.
Nothing like that in NYC.
Other than that, I’ve found more commonalities than differences.
New York and San Francisco are two peas in a pod as far as I’m concerned.


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