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Rare El’ements Hair Collection: The World of Eco-Luxury Hair Care

Smart women everywhere are discovering that natural, non-toxic hair care is an important component to attaining and keeping glamorous, luxurious locks.

I spoke to John Amato, former salon owner and founder of Rare El’ements Hair Collection, about his clients’ health, the way that consumerism is changing, and about the creation of the top hair care line.

Because hairdressers have personal connections with and listen to their client’s desires, the entire hair industry is being refashioned. John believes that hairdressers, not large companies, are leading the way towards healthier hair products.

John owned a leading salon in Beverly Hills for 18 years. Along the way, he met model Teri La Verne. John explained, “She was a model and her hair was damaged from years of styling, bleaching, and highlighting. So we would do special hair treatments on her.” It wasn’t long before the partnership was forged. The collaboration between this well-known Beverly Hills Salon Owner and fashion model would eventually be the innovation of Rare El’ements.

It was around this time that John had a client bring her own shampoo into the salon. John couldn’t help but ask why. “She told me she was a breast cancer survivor and her doctor had told her a lot of ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are carcinogenic.”

This sparked my concern and since we were in the process of creating a hair care line, I asked a chemist friend of mine about it. He told me that while carcinogens make up a very small percentage of shampoos and conditioners, it is the cumulative effect of toxins that can eventually cause cancer. “Women use several beauty products everyday such as shampoo, lotions, creams, makeup, and deodorant. After many years, this build-up of toxins can cause cancer.”

That is when they decided to work with the chemist to create the best shampoo and conditioner possible, with only natural ingredients and NO silicones, sulfates, or parabens. He remembered, “I didn’t care about the cost. At the time, we made the best with the raw materials available. As time went on, the companies supplying the raw materials acquired even better ingredients, resulting in a better product.”

Having had the pleasure of experiencing Rare El’ements myself, I found everything about it to be impressive. Each of the exotic ingredients used, like Marula oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, bergamot, rosewood oil, and others, are specifically selected for their individual properties and effects. Rare El’ements also uses surfactants, which are not found in any other brand. It smells wonderful and I love what it does to my hair. I agree that they bridge the gap between natural hair care and salon quality. Rare El’ements is made in the U.S., it supports America’s work force, and is cruelty-free. And seriously, I love the packaging! It is gorgeous and looks very chic and stylish on my shelf.

John left me with these simple words of advice. “Use the best products for your hair because your hair stays with you. You take your clothes off, but your hair you don’t.
I see women cutting corners by using cheaper products. They will go to a nightclub and spend 15 dollars on a drink, but not invest in their hair care!”

To experience Rare El’ements, visit their official website:

IG @rareelementshair

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