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Raise Your Kids In A Fun And Decorative Family Home

Decorating your family home can be a challenge as life with kids is messy. How do you find the perfect balance between “chic adult” and “kid-friendly” — is there even such a thing?! Well, it’s time to let go of your fantasies of a spotless white sofa and embrace your playful side instead. Say hello to bright colors, bold patterns, interesting focal features, and artwork that pops. Creating a fun family home that appeals to everyone will better facilitate the happy family life you want to live. 

Be bold

Use bright colors and fun patterns and textures on your walls, curtains, furniture and floors. This will instantly create a vibrant space and simultaneously distract from the wear and tear that inevitably happens. When you’re choosing paint colors, consider how much light the room gets. You may want to opt for a darker shade than usual in brighter areas. Stains, spillages, and other accidents will be better disguised on darker, louder colors and materials. Colorful and cozy pillows and throws are also perfect to add some boldness, and make you feel good, especially during the winter months. Vibrant and warm hues like violet and crimson can lift your mood instantly

Feature a stylish indoor fountain

Introduce some zen into your home with a beautiful indoor water fountain. There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water. Plus, your children will love it and find it endlessly captivating. An indoor water fountain can work as a unique feature in any room of your home and comes in many different styles including: wall-mounted, table-top, and free-standing. If your fountain has small stones, keep it out of reach from younger children who could swallow them — or choose a different design altogether.

Hang colorful art

No home is complete without artwork of some kind — and it’s something your whole family can enjoy. In fact, encouraging your child to develop an appreciation for art helps them better express themselves. Children delight in bright, cheery patterns and colors which light up a room. So, consider hanging eye-catching abstract pieces of art throughout your home. Not only will this imbue your home with visual interest, but it will also add sophistication and personality. You can even frame your children’s paintings and drawings and hang them up there with the greats. Interestingly, adding a stylish frame that suits the rest of features of your home can give the paining ‘a new life’ so to speak. Consider a classic silver frame or a one that is made out of fabric. Play with textures and colors to give more depth to your child’s piece of art. 

Ultimately, you want your family home to feel fun, loved, and lived-in — not something you need to be too precious about. Accidents happen, so choose durable furniture and hard-wearing materials. Prioritize bright colors, lively patterns, and interesting features, and you’ll create a playful yet sophisticated vibe suitable for kids and adults alike.

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