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Quench Your Skin this Season with DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture

Winter is upon us and this season brings cooler, colder climates and drier, harsher weather. So it’s imperative to include more moisture into your daily skin regime.

I recently revisited an old favorite, DHC Skin Care. DHC is an olive oil based line of skin care products that plump and revitalize skin with super-hydrators, antioxidants and collagen. I decided to try their Extra Nighttime Moisture as I have dry skin under even normal conditions. And with winter approaching, my skin really needs an extra boost. I opened a
jar of DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture and applied it to my face and neck. The first thing I noticed is how rich and creamy it feels. And a little goes a long way. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave a heavy residue that is common with other night time moisturizers. My skin felt quenched and it didn’t feel dry or tight afterwards. My skin had a vital, youthful appearance and felt amazing!

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DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture contains water-attracting amino acid serine which encourages moisture balance. In layman’s terms,
it is a humectant which attracts water to your skin, so your skin is always left moist and supple. It also contains vitamin E which helps condition your skin and collagen to promote elasticity.


To order DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture and to take a look at other DHC skincare products, visit their website.

And to visit the DHC You Tube Channel:

HINT: This reasonably priced product is an ideal stocking stuffer for the holidays!

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