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Queen of the Universe 2013 and Model Ivette Saucedo

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This next VIVA GLAM Crush really makes heads turn. Ivette Saucedo is a professional and competitive equestrian,
represented Spain in the
Queen of the Universe 2013 pageant (and won), and is a long-time model. She recently kicked major butt on Fox’s American Grit showing the world
that strong is oh so sexy. You can follow this Latina goddess at @ivettesaucedo.

Q&A with Ivette Saucedo

How would you describe your workout routine? Do you have a personal trainer, participate in classes, or enjoy outdoor activities?

I am a very hyper person, so when I don’t work out or get active I feel grumpy or sad. I don’t have a personal trainer, but I have had personal trainers in the past and they have all given me tips that I continue to incorporate in my workouts to this day. I love yoga and hiking and I am still trying to get into the whole CrossFit movement because it does make you stronger; however, I feel my body loses its femininity. One thing that I can never stop doing that helps me keep my legs in shape is riding horses; I think my body goes on strike when I don’t keep that in my routine!


As a former pageant girl, how has your workout changed since leaving that world? Or has it not changed at all?

I got a lot of negative comments in the pageant world because of my body type. I am healthy and curvy and that was sort of frowned upon. I was OK with it though because of the struggle of my modeling career. I had agencies telling me I wasn’t “skinny enough,” so when I was in the pageant world, I told myself I wasn’t going to change my body style for anyone. I continued with my same eating and workout routines and I love my body. I won with this curvy body.


What lessons did you learn on American Grit?

American Grit taught me so much! I went in with a competitive mindset and even though I knew I was strong enough, I would get nervous. I was going up against Olympic athletes, triathletes, etc. Calling the competition an “evolution” was the perfect name because you evolved every time you learned that it was all mental. You can push your body to keep going and get past the pain if you put your mind to it, and I did! I would just keep running even if I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. I would keep swimming even if my body was frozen. It taught me that you can push yourself to do anything if you get past the struggle!


Many people assume that just because you’re pretty that you can’t kick butt. How did you hope to disprove this with American Grit?

I love to wear makeup, do my hair, and feel pretty, but people don’t realize that I grew up on a ranch with a very old-school dad that could care less if my nail polish wasn’t dry yet. I had to clean horse stalls and chuck bales of hay. I’m a country girl, [but also] with a diva mom who would make sure I didn’t look like a mess even if I was [covered] in dirt. I lived the best of both worlds. On the show, I proved that I am a fighter, a competitor at heart, and I wouldn’t give up. People should never judge a book by its cover!


Queen of the Universe 2013 and Model Ivette Saucedo2
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