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Psst, It’s Not All Genetics! How to be Photogenic in Every Shot

Have you ever noticed that some people can’t seem to take a bad picture? They look gorgeous and relaxed in every single shot. Unfortunately, all of us can’t be photogenic goddesses. But there are some tips you can follow to take your photo from average to awesome.


Know Your Angles

Remember that the camera must never be below your chin. Whether you’re standing or taking a photograph seated, the lens should be on the same level as your face or slightly above. If the camera happens to be below you, lower your face and push it forward for a more flattering angle.


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Apply a Pop of Color on Your Lips

Wearing a bright lipstick can make your photo stand out. The right shade can make you look awake and put together without much effort. Opt for bright reds, pinks, corals or — even better — go for an unusual shade like
gray or purple. Having a go-to shade that brightens you smile in photographs, can really make a difference.


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Figure Out What You Don’t Like

Pinpointing exactly what you don’t like about a particular picture can be a good learning experience. For instance, if you don’t like the way you’re smiling or the angle of your body, try to fix this in the next shot. You may not want to focus on photos where you don’t look your best, but learning from your mistakes is the key to being more photogenic.


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Shake Out Your Hair

Unless you tease or spray the hell out of your hair, it is likely to look limp and flat by the end of the night. To make things worse, flash photography can amplify the dullness of your tresses. Before the picture is taken, quickly flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair. To get va-va-voom volume fast, give your hair a good shake.

If your hair tends to get greasy fast, try using hair products that don’t lead to build-up. You can also try using conditioner only on the tips of your hair. Root-lifting sprays and dry shampoos can help you get volume on the go while keeping greasiness away.


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Strike a Pose

The right pose can make or break the shot. Celebrities perfect their red carpet poses early on in their careers. Similar to the angles of your face, the right body angle can enhance and flatter your figure. Tilt your upper body, pop your hips, or place your hand on your waist for a photo-ready stance!

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