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All The Pros and Cons of Destination Weddings

One of the biggest decisions couples have to make when it comes to wedding planning is where to host their big day. This becomes even more complicated if they’re expecting guests from other cities or even different parts of the globe. The solution— A destination wedding in an exotic, faraway locale. These celebrations often turn into week-long events with sightseeing trips and elaborate meals thrown into the mix. But destination weddings can come with some pros and cons.

The Pros

Celebrate with Those Who Matter the Most: If you’ve always dreamed of having a small, intimate ceremony, a destination wedding is perfect for you. Chances are, all those distant cousins and acquaintances you have to invite as a courtesy will respectfully decline. So you can spend your big day with your closest loved ones who made an effort to be there.

Complimentary Services: If you have the budget for it, many hotels and resorts offer wedding planning services as part of a package deal. These services may even include a photographer and an on-site wedding planner. Having a consultant who can coordinate all your wedding essentials will make your destination wedding stress-free and simple. Many hotels can also organize sightseeing exclusions and spa sessions to keep your guests occupied.

Memories that Last a Lifetime: Celebrating your union at the location of your dreams will leave you with beautiful memories. You’ll give your guests the opportunity to experience an exotic destination through your eyes. The place where you get married will always be special, and you can revisit those happy memories on anniversaries and vacations.

The Cons

Family Conflicts: Unlike regular weddings, destination weddings can be longer, more elaborate affairs. Your friends and relatives, as well as your partner’s, are likely to spend a lot of time together in close quarters. Unfortunately, not everybody will get along. Trying to deal with family conflicts and stop people from butting heads can be more than you bargained for.

Planning a Wedding Long Distance: Juggling all your wedding details long distance can be a stressful endeavor. Planning a wedding is a lot to take on, so doing this from afar may be too much to handle. Getting a marriage license in another country is complicated, and you may also run into other unexpected issues. Other things to manage would include flying with your wedding dress, planning decorating details from afar, or planning one or more trips to your destination to finalize the details.

Destination Weddings Can be Expensive: Getting married in a faraway destination can be a costly affair. From flight tickets and hotel rooms to hiring a wedding planner, the costs will soon add up. The expenses may be significant for your guests, as well. They might even give up a vacation to instead your wedding, instead. Also, you’ll need to keep your guest list short, as some of them will be unable to attend.

By being aware of the advantages and drawbacks of hosting your nuptials in a distant location, you can be well prepared. It’s important not to let little things bother you and take unexpected events in your stride. The most important thing is to enjoy your big day and make happy memories that last.

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