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Professional tips to consider while laying mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are an extremely trendy option for interior decoration of a property. These work well with any design and can be used for the walls as well as flooring purposes. But here is a vital tip. Mosaic laying is a professional job. So, look for trained and experienced experts like the Mosaicist Mosaic Artist.

Since the art of the laying plays a vital role as to how the finished article will look, here are some expert tips for doing it correctly. Make sure that you take into consideration the pointers from the following section when you are looking to install mosaic tiles at your property.

Choose the tiles

The first step is the obvious one. Choose your tiles and make sure that you take the design and the aesthetics of your property into consideration. Mosaics can be used as a featured design within bigger tiles or can be used to border the tiles. Whichever type of mosaic work you need, it all starts with choosing the right design that will complement the overall design of the interiors.

According to our experts, the best way to ensure the up-market and posh look is to go for the natural stone mosaic. You can use this type of mosaic to complement the bigger marble tiles or use it as a stand-alone feature on your walls or floor. Natural stone mosaics are your all-purpose solution to all mosaic needs.

Cutting of the sheets to size

Mosaic tiles do not need extensive cutting like the large tiles. However, when cuts are required to be made, they need to be precise since the room for error is minimal. Keep in mind that the cutting of the tiles is always from the back and all the way through the mesh. Sharp tools are required to make the cut look clean.

Always hire professional help if you are looking to cut tiles since any amateur work can ruin the finish of a mosaic tile. If you are looking to do it yourself, invest in a tile nibbler or a professional grade rail cutter. This will enable you to achieve a professional finish.

About embedding the tiles

Perfect embedding is genuinely the work of an expert professional. This is where it gets a bit tricky. Careful planning is required while laying down mosaic sheets if the area is large. The joints need to be staggered so that you achieve that traditional look instead of the square and modern geometric look. However, it all depends on your taste. It is essential to set the mosaic straight before making the final setting. This is important because the mosaic mesh is flexible, so there will always be some amount of movement while you are setting them down.

Marking the area

Start by marking the area you want to tile with mosaic. Then lay all the sheets on the marked area to make sure that all the cuts fit the space. It is also essential to ensure that the floor or the wall on which the tile will be laid is perfectly flat and smooth. This will make sure that the mosaic tiles remain in place for years to come.

Applying the primer and the adhesive

The next step is the application of the primer and the adhesive. Start by applying the primer to the tile and then follow it up by using the tile adhesive. While choosing tile adhesive, it is essential that you go for the non-slump variety to give your interior décor a long-lasting finish.

Use a notched trowel with a width of 3 to 6-mm to avoid adhesive oozing out through the joints. Maintain ridges between the tiles with the help of the trowel. Wipe clean the extra adhesive from the wall or the floor. Tiny mosaic stones need a lot of hard work and patience since the grouting joints are a nightmare due to the many-sided edges.

Mark a reference point to lay the first row

The key to professional mosaic tile laying and the finished look is in the details. While starting with the embedding of the tiles, make sure to mark a level line on the wall. This will act as your starting point. Ensure that the line is straight. The most important part is to lay the first row of the tiles carefully while maintaining the straight line. Work your way down all the while ensuring that the build looks polished and great when viewed from eye level.

Press the mosaic pieces and the tiles into place with your hand and make sure you use a trowel to move the pieces into alignment. It is not a great idea to move individual sections once they have been set, so make sure you don’t mess up. Flatten out the edges with a flat piece of wood for best results. The adhesive takes around 20 minutes to set into place. So, keep in mind that you have a short window for making your final arrangements.

Laying full sheets

Lay all the full sheets until the entire area is covered. Measure the gaps left between the tiles or an angled area and use a sharp knife to cut a sheet to fit the gap. To fit into irregular shapes, you will need to use a professional-grade instrument like the tile nibbler. While embedding the mosaic pieces, make sure that you use an ample amount of adhesive or else loose pieces will come off with daily wear and tear.

Application of the grout

After you have made sure that the tiles are in place and holding, the next step is the grouting. Before you begin with the grouting, you need to make sure that the grout joints are dry and clean. Use a grout float with rubber edges for the best results and apply the grout to the joint lines. Make sure to remove any air bubbles and always clean the excess grout immediately after applying. Excess grout can harden and deteriorate the overall aesthetics of the design.

That concludes all the information you need to consider regarding laying mosaic tiles to achieve a posh looking interior for your property. 

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