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Powerful Ways to Keep Your Relationship Interesting

You’re in a happy harmonious relationship and you’ve been in one for some time already. Still, there’s something at the back of your mind that keeping you from enjoying the balance and joy you’ve achieved. Your relationship has become boring and it’s lost so much of the initial spark that you no longer see your partner in the same way.

Even the most spectacular of relationships can become boring. There are several reasons why this happens. You’ve gotten to know each other so well that you no longer need to communicate with words. The mystery has disappeared completely and it’s now replaced by stability.

Obviously, these are desirable traits. Relationships go through phases, each one characterized by its advantages and challenges. Keeping the relationship interesting once you reach this point of stability, however, will necessitate conscious efforts on your behalf.

Bringing the excitement back is possible and you can do so in more than one way. Here are some of the ideas to explore.

Try Something New Together

As already mentioned, one of the reasons why your relationship has become boring is the intimate knowledge of each other.

Chances are that you feel that there’s nothing about your partner to surprise you anymore.

If this is the case, doing something new and completely unexpected together is an excellent way to spice things up.

Ask your significant other about something they’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance to. It can be anything – skydiving, travelling to a new location, learning to skateboard or exploring an artistic talent.

Taking on such a challenge as a couple will take you out of your normal everyday routine. You’ll also learn something new about each other. Don’t be afraid of taking on such little new opportunities every once in a while. You’ll definitely have a ton of fun.

Reinvent Your Sex Life

Let’s not sugarcoat it – sex is the glue that holds so many couples together. If you strengthen your sexual bond, you’ll definitely rekindle the excitement in your partnership.

Reinventing your sex life requires some active commitment. You know what works for your partner and they know what works for you. It’s now time to move on to other stuff that you haven’t explored yet. It could be a kink, a fantasy, sex in a brand new location. Just keep the lines of communication open to find out the interesting stuff hidden beneath the surface.

Sex toys give you wonderful opportunities to start experimenting in that direction. You can try out a classic, non-threatening toy like a bullet vibrator or something a bit more unorthodox like a hollow strap on. The simple process of shopping for a sex toy together will open the lines of communication and get you excited about everything that’s yet to come.

Focus om Small Surprises

Anything that gets your relationship out of the routine can make things interesting and exciting once again.

This means you don’t need grand gestures or tons of money to surprise your partner.

Simple surprises and little gestures will make your significant other feel appreciated once again. You’ll also enjoy the process because you’ll be completely immersed in coming up with something new and exciting.

Leaving them a love note on the mirror is an example of an amazing surprise that will put a smile on your partner’s face. The same applies to organizing a date night, sending them a naughty text, writing them a poem or remembering a special date in the relationship (it doesn’t have to be the anniversary!).

Use your head and make your partner feel appreciated. They will definitely reciprocate. In time, such little gestures can contribute to a much more powerful bond. Don’t underestimate their potential!

Give Each Other Enough Space to Be Individuals

You don’t need to do everything together in order to have an amazing relationship. In fact, a bit of personal space can be tremendously beneficial.

Every person needs to dedicate some time to their friends, hobbies and favorite activities.

Many couples assume (quite wrongfully) that they need to spend time together 24/7 in order to have a strong bond. This isn’t the case. Such forced proximity will get tiring after a while. Being a part of a “we” is obviously great. At the same time, don’t forget the fact that you’re an individual and you need to maintain your individuality.

The very same thing applies to your partner.

If jealousy issues are keeping you from spending quality time apart, work on addressing those. The process can be difficult and very emotionally demanding but it will lead to definite payoffs.

Come Up with Goals for the Future Together

Have you discussed common goals as a couple? Buying a house? Starting your own business? Travelling the world?

Setting important goals that matter to both of you will give you a common sense of purpose and something to look forward to. And this is one of the most powerful ways to keep the relationship exciting – having something to try accomplishing together.

Again, the scope of the goal and how much of an effect on your life it’s going to have don’t matter. What matters is choosing something of personal importance that both of you hold near and dear to your hearts.

Once you accomplish that milestone, you can move to the next one. Having such stuff to look forward to will help you grow as individuals and as partners. And needless to say, evolving together is the key to being on the same page for life.

Relationships can be interesting for many decades. Yes, the initial passion and chemistry can subscribe. Many people, however, have discovered ways to enjoy each other more and more through the years. You can definitely learn from the experience of such people (especially if you have such an elderly couple in your life). A little bit of compromise and a pinch of effort can go a long way. All it takes is the conscious decision to seek change proactively and to never let go of the initial love that brought you and your partner together.

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