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Postpartum Hair Loss: Why Am I Losing My Hair After Giving Birth?

A lot of pregnant women state that they like their hair during pregnancy. The reason is that women will usually have thick and fuller hair when they’re pregnant. However, this effect is only temporary. To be specific, many women have observed that they start to lose hair after giving birth. So, what is postpartum hair loss? Aside from that, what is the reason you’re losing hair after giving birth?

Why are You Losing Your Hair After Giving Birth?

Before we can determine the reason you’re losing hair after giving birth, we need to understand what happens to your body while you’re pregnant. As you know, your body will change during pregnancy. The reason is due to the changes in your hormone levels, which are necessary for the development of your baby. To be specific, there will be an increase in estrogen levels in your body. As such, your hair will stay in the growing phase longer, and you won’t lose some hair every day, which eventually leads to thicker and fuller hair.

So, why are you losing your hair after giving birth? Keep in mind that once your baby is born, your body, including your hormone levels, will return to its pre-pregnancy state. From there, the drop of estrogen levels will trigger your hair growth cycle. As a result, some of your hair will start its resting phase. After several weeks, hair shedding will eventually occur.

Postpartum hair loss is noticeable because most women lose more than one hundred hair strands daily, which is more than the average hair loss per day. Some women may even lose about 300 strands per day. This effect is quite alarming, but it is normal.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Permanent?

As mentioned, women may lose as much as 300 hair strands per day after giving birth. However, keep in mind that postpartum hair loss is temporary. In fact, your normal hair growth cycle will return when your baby is about a year old. Still, you may notice that your new hair strands are a bit shorter than the others. For this reason, you can opt for a new hairstyle so that the shorter strands won’t be noticeable.

Final Words

Now that you know the reason why you’re losing hair after giving birth, you can feel more at ease knowing that it is normal. However, it is recommended that you see your doctor if you notice that your hair is not growing back. Other than that, postpartum hair loss is a temporary effect normally experienced after giving birth. If you’re still a bit worried, you can help lessen the shedding by being extra gentle when combing or handing your hair.


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