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Positive Body Vibes While Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Let’s Send Positive Vibes to All Who Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, Regardless of Body Size


I know what you might be thinking, “I want to watch the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show, but I don’t want to get totally depressed at the same time!” Why? Let’s face it, most of us don’t live up to the body standards of a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel… or any supermodel. For starters, you have to be super tall, super skinny, super beautiful, and kind of a freak of nature.
In other words, you have to be a “super” model.


This year, rather than getting down, let’s celebrate our diversity with a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show viewing party! Invite your BFF’s and really embrace all of our body sizes, small, medium, big, and even bigger.
After all, as women we can appreciate our differences and not body shame ourselves.


As a former super skinny person myself, you’d be surprised how much I was teased for being “too skinny” while growing up.
Names like “twig”, “stick”, “beanpole”, “broomstick,” and “melba toast” were commonly said to me. I know most can’t feel for a ‘skinny’ girl being teased, but our young minds don’t know any difference and we all hurt the same. So remember, it’s not cool to body shame ANYONE!


When you watch the show, it is important to remember that the bodies you see on the runway are very atypical of
You will not see any plus sized women, nor will you see short models. Even Victoria’s Secret catalog models may not make the cut to walk the runway.
Victoria’s Secret Supermodels have a very distinct look.


Understand that even these supermodels don’t look like this each and every day of their lives. For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, they are primped and primed by hairdressers, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists. They have had diets, work outs,
spray tans, body scrubs, massages, manicures, pedicures, botox, enhanced lips, hair and lash extensions, teeth bleaching and the list goes on and on.


It would be ridiculous to compare yourself to this. Instead, enjoy the mastery of art and imagination that this show truly is!
Embrace the beauty that the Victoria’s Secret models have and view them as exquisite pieces of art.
After all, there is a lot of hard work and determination that they put into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Victoria's Secret fashion show model runway


So when you watch the show this year, appreciate the art and beauty.
We don’t have to feel badly about ourselves in order to be happy for them and appreciate their beautiful bodies and bone structure.
Also, love your body for what it is as your body reflects the hard work and effort that you put into it too.
Remember, Victoria’s Secret models may be genetically blessed to some degree, but they work very hard before the show with trainers and special diets. And the results are what we marvel at on the runway. Let’s celebrate these exceptional bodies without being negative or catty.


In general, don’t let beauty intimidate you; look at it with awe and appreciation. Not all of us can be strutting our stuff in lingerie on the catwalk and that’s okay because we all have different skill sets; we are all amazing in our own way. There is no reason to be mean or envious.
Instead, let’s give them the kudos that these models deserve.
It is not easy to get to the top of their industry.
Nor is it easy to stay there. The competition is brutal.
In fact, did you know that Victoria’s Secrets gets hundreds of submissions from young women across the country on a daily basis?
For the Angels to be where they are is an amazing feat, so let’s share the positivity with them.
When everyone is clapping for them on the runways, we should be applauding too!


And when you get together with your friends and family to watch the show, celebrate yourselves, your friendships and your individual beauty. After all, YOU deserve it!




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